A politics student who praised Enoch Powell got taught a proper lesson last night in an election won by a Labour candidate who used to work for Jeremy Corbyn.

21-year-old Ed Wilson was the Tory candidate in yesterday’s East Brighton council by-election.

He pitched himself as a “compassionate Conservative” in an effort to convince the famously lefty locals to vote blue.

But, as Scrapbook reported last month, the mask slipped when it was revealed he had written an article arguing that Enoch Powell’s infamous ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech had been proven right.

In the now deleted post for the blog of Sussex University’s ‘Liberate the Debate’ society, he wrote:

“The original Rivers of Blood speech was one of controversy, but, it is clear that the threat Enoch warned us about, has become a nightmare we’re currently living in. Britain has been gradually deteriorating through the sheer volume of immigrants over recent years.

“What started as a river has now turned into a flood. Like all floods it has left economic ruin in its wake and failures of integration have forced upon Britain a watering down of culture, tradition and language that has made many parts of the country unrecognizable.”

Wilson insisted he has never supported the views of Enoch Powell and penned the piece to “encourage debate on the topic of immigration.”

Weirdly, the Tory candidate shared an article making reference to his defence of Powell on polling day:

Despite the controversy over his article, Wilson still seemed pretty hopeful:

But voters clearly didn’t take too kindly too his comments.

Wilson managed to take more than 5% off the Tory total achieved at a by-election in 2016 as Labour stormed to victory:

Labour’s winning candidate was Nancy Platts, who spent 18 months working in the Labour leader’s office as his trade union liaison manager.

If that doesn’t Brighton up your day…

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