Theresa May has refused to defend the NHS from Donald Trump for the second time this week.

May was given the chance at PMQs to categorically rule out the prospect of US companies getting NHS contracts as part of a post-Brexit trade deal with Trump.

Lib Dem leader Vince Cable asked whether she had made it absolutely clear to the US President that “the NHS is not for sale.”

It should have been the easiest answer she gave all afternoon – of course the NHS won’t be part of a trade deal.

But to everyone’s surprise she left the NHS firmly on the negotiating table:

If you’re giving May the benefit of the doubt, you could say the answer was simply a standard robotic refusal to engage in the substance of questions she’s asked.

But Westminster-based journalists asked the PM’s spokesman to clarify her remarks following PMQs and he also left the door open for negotiations to include the NHS:

May’s revealing answer is all the more surprising given that it comes just two days after Donald Trump attacked the NHS on Twitter:

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that May still hasn’t put him right. Today’s question presented the perfect opportunity to do so but she once again chose not to.

As Open Britain spokesman Peter Kyle MP says:

“Nobody voted in the referendum for Britain to go cap in hand to Trump for a trade deal, or for our NHS to be privatised. People have every right to ask whether this is too high a price to pay, and to keep an open mind about Brexit.”

The Tories claimed Brexit would help our NHS, instead they’re letting Trump to help himself to it…

MORE: Tory MEP leading hard Brexit lobby group called the NHS a “mistake” 

  1. Is this what you Brexiteers want?
    We are entering the realm of nightmare, led by a PM and a government which is desperately trying to appease the world outside the EU in an effort to replace what they are throwing away at any cost.They know they are taking the country down the toilet but have no idea how to stop it.
    Out with them, out I say before we hit bottom.

  2. Taraneh Ahmadi-Parker says:

    We must all fight May’s selling any of our NHS to the American insurance company. March more protest .. And get these cynical Tory government out. Oh stop too precious rescue it from theses selfseving greedy scums.

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