Theresa May is under fire for her part in a taxpayer funded appeal against court rulings in favour of two victims of John Worboys.

The Prime Minister expressed sympathy with the black cab rapists’ victims in an interview on the Andrew Marr show last month and said:

“We want to ensure that victims feel confident enough to come forward so that they feel confident that the police will take action and confident that justice – that they will get justice.”

But as Home Secretary she helped the Metropolitan Police secure an appeal to rulings that they had failed victims.

Two of Worboys’ first victims, known as DSD and NBV, were awarded compensation after the High Court ruled that the Metropolitan Police had not properly investigated their rapes.

The Met was subsequently granted an appeal to the Supreme Court – after the intervention of the then Home Secretary, Theresa May.

Human rights charity Liberty explains:

“The Supreme Court appeal was granted only after then Home Secretary Theresa May took the highly unusual step of making submissions to the Supreme Court in support of the police’s application before there had even been a decision.

“In December 2015, the Supreme Court informed the Met that their grounds were unarguable – but that those submitted by the Home Secretary were “potentially arguable”. The Met adopted those grounds and were granted an appeal. Current Home Secretary Amber Rudd continued her involvement in the case.”

The Supreme Court today dismissed the appeal brought by the Met and backed by Theresa May.

Speaking after the ruling, one of the two victims involved in the case said:

“I find it ironic that she has been backing the police yet only a few weeks ago [Theresa May] was saying she knew one of the victims and had sympathy with them. I find her on a personal level a bit of a hypocrite.”

It’s difficult to disagree…

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