In the card left on the spot near Parliament where a homeless man died yesterday, Jeremy Corbyn wrote: “As a country we must stop walking by.”

But it seems Theresa May and Sajid Javid – the two people ultimately responsible for tackling homelessness – are still prepared to look away while whistling a happy tune.

Neither the PM or the Secretary of State for Housing have said a word about the tragedy.

At time of writing, the last thing Theresa May had tweeted was a promotion for the Tories’ Help to Buy policy – which Shelter says has actually made the housing crisis worse by pushing up prices:

Sajid Javid tweeted about a jobs fair in his constituency and the 20th anniversary of the Angel of the North yesterday, but has said nothing about what action he’ll be taking to ensure people aren’t freezing to death on our streets.

Perhaps not surprising given one of his special advisors, Samuel Coates, once tweeted approvingly of an initiative to use homeless people as wifi hotspots.

The idea was slammed as “dehumanising” and “dystopian” at the time, but Coates thought it was:

Housing Minister Dominic Raab, who famously said people don’t go to food banks because they’re in poverty, has also been silent on the issue.

To her credit, Heather Wheeler, one of Javid’s junior ministers with responsibility for housing and homeless has made an statement:

But more than 24 hours after the tragedy, it seems her bosses are still walking by…

  1. The tories appear to be all ‘fur coat and No knickers’ to quote my mom. They have the same attitude to Tax avoidance. Talk the talk but forget ‘walk the walk’.

  2. corrupt vile tories again have blood on their hands they are 100% responsable since they come to power all they have done is give contracts to rich people to make them even richer sell our nhs off even though it doesnt belong to them cut everything that poorer member of our society need cause as much chaos as she can to distract us away from what she is really doing how do they keep getting away with the things they are doing lying stealing money from people that desperatly need it

  3. Remember Robin Hood, who allegedly robbed the rich to help the poor?
    Well we have got robbing Tories who help the rich by screwing the poor and the disabled, hard working families out of best part of their wages and their kids out of their school dinners, the NHS, our libraries our help centers, our pensions, our police, and all the time turn a very corrupt blind eye to the real ones who are causing the Country’s downfall just in case they loose their votes

  4. Norma Swarbrick says:

    Time to remove the veil over people eyes, if you have not suffered under this governments austerity, beware your time will come when you will think again
    about injustice, inhumanity and downright indifference towards your changing needs.

  5. Williambidwell says:

    About time this government.wss sorted out got no care for the working class they tell them to go to work and then push them in the corner like.all the poorer people the rich get richer and the rest get stepped.on typical Tories

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