It’s that time of the year again when the Tories get their richest friends together for a fundraiser in the hope of stopping their ageing party going extinct.

Tonight’s the night of the Black and White Ball, a top-secret soirée for super-rich donors who pay £15,000-a-table to socialise with Theresa May and Tory MPs.

Like every year, the Tory dinosaurs will be out in force. But they’ll feel even more at home than usual as they roam the event. They might even see a few old friends.

Because the party that time forgot have chosen the perfect venue to raise money for their prehistoric politics – London’s Natural History Museum.

You can picture the scene: Jacob Rees-Mogg telling a woman she has no right to an abortion in the shadow of a triceratops.

Boris Johnson reciting racist poetry to a t-rex. Nigel Lawson denying climate change next to a diplodocus.

Perhaps one of them will win a place in the museum’s fossil display in the after dinner raffle.

As if to prove the party is going the same way of the dinosaurs, the venue is in Kensington: a constituency Labour took from the Tories against all the odds at the general election.

The Tories either have a better sense of humour then we give them credit for or didn’t quite think this through.

A roaring success…

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