The farce of the Tories’ cruel benefits assessments have been exposed (again) in a new report by MPs.

Parliament’s Work and Pensions Committee asked the public to share their experience of disability benefit assessments carried out for the DWP by private contractors.

They received 4,000 individual testimonies – the biggest ever response to a committee inquiry.

The most absurd account was given by the Down’s Syndrome Association, which revealed some of the questions parents had been asked by assessors:

  • “How long have they had Down’s syndrome for?”

  • “When did they catch Down’s syndrome?”

  • “When were you diagnosed with Down’s syndrome?”

The Association points out:

“Down’s syndrome is a widely recognised learning disability. If an assessor is being asked to assess someone with a condition that they do not know about, common sense and courtesy should tell them to research the condition before starting the assessment.”

The report also details ridiculous factual errors made in medical reports by assessors.

Nicki wrote:

“Apparently I walk my dog daily, which was baffling because I can barely walk and I do not have a dog!”

Mary wrote:

“She wrote I arose from the chair without any difficulty. I was in bed the whole time (she let herself in) and I only have the one chair in the room and she was sitting in it.”

Ceri wrote:

“The assessment itself was brief, and the assessor had no knowledge of my condition. She said not to worry, she’d Google it later. The report was incorrect.”

While some examples are laughable, many more are simply tragic:

One person wrote anonymously:

“The form itself caused anxiety and depression. For the twelve days we took considering and writing on the form, my mother refused to eat, drink, or sleep save the smallest amount. She began to self-harm from the stress and cry in the despair of admitting how she is limited, how she is constantly in pain, how she cannot complete simple tasks—“how her disability affects her”. The very name of the form.”

Another said:

“My daughter was violently triggered by the hugely intrusive and challenging questions the assessor asked and self-harmed during the assessment.”

Tristen wrote:

“I went through Mandatory Reconsideration and was still denied PIP. After this I felt like committing suicide because I was living off £76 a week and getting no help whatsoever from anyone.

“The second time I applied [ … ] I got awarded PIP but at the lowest rate. I was so tired, and stressed out by the process that my self harming got worse, I was very suicidal and ill, so I didn’t dare ask for Mandatory Reconsideration in case the PIP was taken away from me again.”

The Tories are cruel and incompetent in equal measure…

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  1. These people who asses you have got no idea what people are going through I’m in constant pain and they say I can walk 41m don’t know how I would get back if I could walk that far

  2. The government pays these organisations huge amounts of money to demoralise, reject and discount a huge proportion of society. It is more than cruel and must stop. No one is asking for more than respect so please stop these punitive and inhuman assessments. The opinion of a medical professional should be enough surely?

  3. I suspect that the staff making these assessments are instructed to get as many people back to work as possible irrespective of their conditions -there may well be a bonus involved in doing so.The attitude is that they suspect every one applying is out to defraud the system and to make the whole procedure as unpleasant as possible! Sad times!

  4. These assessment by quacks with zero medical qualifications are a disgrace. No private companies should be involved in this kind of work and especially when assessors are not medically qualified. Going by the evidence here these people are not only unqualified but show a severe lack of normal intelligence.

  5. I have cervical and lumbar spondylosis, which is a degenerative crumbling of the top and bottom of the spine. There is no cure and will only get worse with time.i won’t go into the symptoms, save to say they are Very debilitating.
    I lost my job because of this condition and eventually placed on the work related group of ESA. I am 65 in five months time. I recently, June 2017, had a second assessment where I scored 0 points in every catorgory, despite having to use a stick for walking, and being unable to go out alone. The DWP letter states that my mobility problem can be overcome by hiring or buying a wheelchair. I gave up in despair.

  6. This has got me its heart breaking its so inhumane to make someone desperately ill go through this. The Tory government should be tried and shamed in all that they are doing towards genuinely ill people. I am in my mid seventies and quite fit for my age but have a fear of ever falling victim to any of the cruel Tory policies, shame on you Theresa May and Jeremy Hunty #JC4PM

  7. I was told I was able to walk 50-200m and walked with a hobbling gait. I didn’t even get out of my scooter let alone walk. Oh and their reasoning behind that I can walk 50-200m (despite being unable to complete 20m) was that I drive a manual car. Unbelievable!

  8. I was asked if I could hold a potato, which I can with very shakeup hands, not peel it or cut it or even put it in a pan, so they reported that I was capable of making a family meal!
    Amongst other blatant lies. 7 months after receiving the standard award I’m still waiting for my appeal.

  9. I was told that I looked very tidy and clean shaven so I couldn’t possibly be unfit for work because I could wash myself and looked presentable. My head is broken not my shower!

  10. Mike Cheeseman says:

    Yet despite reading this article of tragic woe there are disabled people who believe that the dwp are okay and the assessors themselves are fair ,how are we to have hope of removing this despicable vengeful government unless we band against them.

  11. It’s a cruel government that make people suffer these terrible assessments. After 8 strokes and a triple heart bypass my pip was taken away 10months early because they said I could walk 200yards. I didn’t get out of my chair the whole time, they said I had a ramp outside my house, I haven’t. They said I could crouch and write my name. I was never asked to do so. I appealed and won, whilst waiting for the appeal my award ran out, so I now have to start again with another assessment by a Capita representative, the very people who lied to stop my money. Its an utter disgrace.

  12. Eyes Wide Open says:

    This government is doing exactly what the nazis did, right under our noses! Its called ethnic cleansing …..disabled , poor , workless, homeless ,sick or pensioner ; unless you are an affluent, white, middle class workhorse with no morals, they are all being slowly exterminated !!

  13. I think most people who have had to go through the assessments pip and esa. Have had complete lies said about their health conditions. The problem is that the government are not listening and claimant complaints are not listened to. It only the facts that Labour mps are kicking up a stink about what is happening. Otherwise nothing would be said. All the tv companies are biased. There has only 1 programme I have seen on tv which caught assessors laughing at claimants conditions. And giving no points as they got a bonus. I hope all this is shared and the government is shamed into scrapping this awful process. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  14. I was told I was able to attend my appointment on my own without any assistance there for I am classed as fit for work I told them.during my assessment I had no one in my life other than my mum who lives by the coast 100 miles away so they obviously didn’t connect the two

  15. Robert MacGregor says:

    In 20 years people will look back on all of this, shake their heads in disbelief and vow never to go back to such times (I hope).
    It’s comparable to us looking back on the days of “The Poorhouse”.

  16. A doctor trains for 7 years or more, an assessor trains for about 3 weeks, I know who I would believe. For what our stupid government has saved finding the odd benefit fraudster is but a drop in an ocean compared to the billions they have paid capita and atos when this assessment work could have been left with the NHS like it was for years and then perhaps the NHS wouldn’t have been in such a mess, but then the NHS is just another corporation to be broken down and sold off so the tories and there rich mates can line their pockets further.
    Its a shame but this country is being run by people who don’t care for the ordinary person in the street

  17. The most hideous, lying, thieving, deceiving set of bastards ever seen on this Earth.
    IDS should be the first against the wall and shot for crimes against humanity – HUMANITY is something the tory filth do not either recognise or understand!
    They are systematically driving down public bodies such as the NHS so Mr H(C)unt can privatise them so we will loose all control of the health service.
    Surely by now the brain-dead who voted for these set of wretches can see the error of their ways…..?!!
    Mind you, pork cannot be educated – and even though the tory voters should book-in for a brain-scan to see if there is actually anything there, they will be very lucky to get a rv in the next 2yrs – poss 3 if H(C)unt has his uneducated illiterate way.

  18. My friend missed an assessment as she was in intensive care after a suicide attempt. Her payments were stopped. She could have appealed but she didn’t have the strength to go on living let alone appeal. She has since made a successful suicide attempt.

  19. I believe most of the population knows the assessors are there to take even the most infirm people off benefits. When they can’t find anything they lie and to sell their souls are rewarded out of tax payers money infinitely more than they save. As most people only care about the cost and are prepared to accept the thousands of deaths this evil is responsible for perhaps Labour should concentrate on the fact these policies are the real reason they’ve spent more money than the amassed total of every Labour government in history. Appealing to peoples humanity hasn’t worked so appeal their avarice instead.

  20. My son has Downs Syndrome and we had to provide a letter from our GP confirming this and when he was diagnosed. They gave an assessment date so they could determine how his disability affects him and his suitability for work. This was last year, he has been receiving DLA/Mobility since he was a youngster and is 33 now. I emailed the DWP with a biology lesson. They contacted us a few days later to withdraw the Assessment and confirm his continuing payment of PIP etc. This just made my wife’s anxiety worse as she has been removed from PIP and hasn’t the strength to fight it.

  21. they rang me ask was i going i said ime on my my way kept me waiting 45 minutes i asked what was the delay some where on the sick i then said could you have told me this before they call you they push the chairs tight into the table to see if you can pull them out it told me off for calling it sweetheart ime a doctor she retorted fat slob more like

  22. When the assessors have clearly lied in their reports there should follow an investigation and disciplinary procedures, including the termination of their employment. The assessors are at best incompetent, and at worst their reports are tantamount to deliberate fraud. They seem to have no regard to the devastating impact of their actions. Why aren’t they facing the consequences?

  23. This makes me ill I am a emotional intelligent person how can one human being do this to another I have always had mental health but always been lucky enough to work but since the Tories have been in government I have got sicker and sicker every year and now I don’t even have strength to volunteer and now I’m expected to explain why my head hurts so much and I can no longer manage the pain

  24. Good Lord. I very rarely swear – but i’ll ask the question again i put to the welfare groups dealing with these assessments. Where the F*** did these assessors get their qualifications from ? A Third rate correspondence college ? If they cannot spot a recognised condition upon being presented then irrespective of the letters after their name – they should leave their job or be shown their cards. Just because you have targets does not give you the right to dismiss obvious conditions presented in front of you – the pay must be really worth the pain you’re causing.

  25. I was off work on incapacity benefit 6 years forcrippling headaches that made me puke daily with the pain and exhausted me. I had to stay in bed most of the time and for which I was taking 8 tramadol a day. I also had chronic depression and anxiety I was just about coping with my child. when he started school I was called for a esa assessment. I was nervous and I put some makeup on as war paint as I was terrified. I nearly had an an anxiety attack in the waiting room. I was told that because I looked presentable and obviously could pluck my eyebrows I was capable of work and was put on single parents jobseekers allowance. I took.a year to find a job and my boss literally had to hold my hand for the first 2 months as I was so nervous. I am now signed off again with depression, gen anxiety disorder and borderline personality disorder made worse by the stress of working while I am ill. I can’t even focus on computer screens or talk on am official phone call. fucking Tory scum. for shame

  26. ironically I didn’t appeal as I would rather put myself through going back to work I’ll than face the humiliation of another assessment. while I have been working i have been to exhausted to hav e aquality relationship with my son. luckily his father has been around. they have put people through worse than this – they are evil doing this to people, murderers and torturers to a man.

  27. My ESA claim story is unbelievable and runs over 5 years the stress of which resulted in a Cardiac Heart failure. Currently to ill to be able to relate here as I lie in hospital bed awaiting major heart bypass surgery. I will never forgive IDS McVile for excasserbating the deteriation of my poor health with among other cruel procedures 2 x Tribuneral appeals both upheld and punitive ATOS assessments. Mine and a lot more victims blood is on both these reptiles hands.

  28. “I looked normal & was not seeing a psychologist” The reason for cutting my mobility to 0. I have cerebral palsy, osteoporosis & Allodynia-none of which are curable. I was in a wheelchair & distraught at end of assessment.
    I appealed & won.
    I made a formal complaint against the assessor(not knowing at the time that all complaints go back to Atos who bin them).I expect I will have to appeal at next assessment. I will make sure I know the assessors qualifications. If it’s a nurse like last time, I will make formal complaint to Royal College of Nursing to demand they are removed from Regitration. How ironic that I was medically retired as a highly qualified Staff Nurse!!!

  29. Wendy reynolds says:

    I’m aware of few colleagues who left nursing to undertake role of assessors as money was better than nursing in NHS but they soon left as it goes against everything. We were taught as nurses

  30. I was almost in tears reading some of these stories. Fortunately, I don’t need to claim benefits, but I am appalled at what I’m reading here. I hate this callous government with a passion, and only people who lack any compassion could possibly vote for them. I am not disabled, but I stand with you in solidarity and will campaign to oust this vile gov’t.

  31. Man’s inhumanity to Man. We who are well, able- bodied and working have a human duty to protect the weak and vulnerable in our society. Once we move away from this basic principle which is right on humane and economic criteria too we are on the dark road to ethnic cleansing and pogroms that have been so evident in totalitarian dictatorships in Europe, Africa and the Far East. The. Conservatives are already well past just being nasty they present a real threat to our liberal civilisation for the sake of the few.

  32. I was forced to take my son with Down syndrome to an interview at the job centre yesterday. We were asked is it Down syndrome he has and what sort of work do you think he could do !!!! He already gets ESA support rate and as much as he would love paid employment it’s would be very difficult but he does voluntarily work. I also had to call our GP to ask for a fit note to prove he couldn’t work. The whole experience was the most humiliating event we have had to deal with to date and I will never allow him to be put in that position again or myself for that matter. There is no way that this should be allowed to continue to the most vulnerable in our society. What training do these people get and where is the compassion. I am in contact with our MP as I want answers as to why they think this is acceptable. It’s a shameful way to carry on.

  33. I had an assessment a few years ago. I got there on time anyway told to come back 2 hours later as they had nobody qualified to deal with me. Then the guy that assessed me asked me what ischaemic lesions were…
    This year I applied for pip. I have clinically severe anxiety amongst other health problems that prevent full time work and make ordinary tasks excruciating. I was refused it. I’ve been told not to appeal because I don’t take any drugs. They don’t work for me, I use counselling and cbt which are appropriate to my condition. I’ve been told that I would need on heavy drugs in order to appeal. I could apply for esa but the bullying I had from them in the past made the anxiety much worse.
    Consequently I get no benefits at all and survive on £40-50 per week from a zero hours job that I’m not well enough to do.

  34. My mother has MS. The stress involved filling in the form made her very I’ll indeed. We ended up at the ER dept due to the pain she was in and being unable to eat or keep anything down. The Assessment was a joke. The questions are worded in such a way that they confused her and the written report that came back was laughable. She was awarded the minimum amount of pip and her car was taken away. She refused to appeal because of how it affected her. I can now no longer work full time as I need to be available for my parents. I had to change my car to something easier for my mother to get in and out of. So not only has this government’s lack of understanding left my mother worse of and under constant stress. It’s also affected my income too.

  35. In my son’s report, he has Asperger, it stated that as he didn’t self harm he could cook a meal! Also, as he could touch his toes, he could tie shoe laces! My daughter pointed out that my granddaughter, then only two, could touch her toes but wouldn’t be able to do laces! The whole report was full of this kind of argument even though we had medical reports to back up his Asperger and all that that means. We were refused, the mandatory reassessment was refused, we took it to court and won at the higher rate! My son is lucky he has me to fight for him, to fill in forms and to make calls. Others don’t have that. This system is disgraceful and the government should be made to be accountable for it.

  36. My partner accompanied a family friend who has had learning difficulties all of her life to one of these ridiculous assessments. Amongst numerous totally totally irrelevant questions the lady was asked was
    “What medication do you take for your learning difficulties ? ”
    The lady is currently at the appeal stage having been told she is able to work when it is immediately apparent when meeting her that this is not the case. The smug and sneering attitude of many of the assessors is totally uncalled for……’evil’ springs to mind.

  37. Horrifying stories I’ve just read GULP
    is the only words I have to say GOD help us all,these people will realise what they are doing,when they do let’s hope they get treat the same way.

  38. Brendan Gallagher says:

    What I’ve read here is appalling,and even worse it doesn’t surprise me the lengths this Tory Government will go to save money even if it means people dying.This is shocking and has the making of a Nazified Society,

  39. Shocking reports here! How have the Tory Scum got away with this for so long?
    So many assholes voting for them, just an unbelievable disgrace!

  40. Totally hideous experience that has resulted in a serious deterioration of my condition. I’m a year in now and waiting for a court date for my appeal the report was full of lies, most of which are easily argued but so far have been ignored. Insulting comments from the assessor left me distressed. Something needs to be done about it, the refusal to allow recording of the assessment unless it meets their rules which are impossible to comply with, only highlights the deliberate dishonesty.

  41. Just why is this cruel callous corrupt government getting away with the way that they treat disabled people.Surely there should be criminal proceedings somewhere.Adolf Hitler and and the Nazis started off this very same way.

  42. What else is there to say about these so called people.They are NOT people they are snakes in the grass.Hiding all the cash the steal from our country for when they have taken it all ,leaving us with nothing st all.No words can be found in our language to name the snakes.

  43. DLA declined, appealed, awarded for life. Moved to PIP. Suddenly I can walk again, miraculously cured, and despite needing 2 knee replacements and a hip replacement. Motability car taken away. Appealed, won, for 3 years. Means I cannot take out a car under the Motability scheme as I’ll have to undergo assessment again. The car could be taken off me, again. And it is 6 months before I could get a new one. The Motability Scheme is being broken by the Tories and no-one cares. Meanwhile the stress and embarrassment of going through the appeal has caused my alopecia to flare up. I’m now, to all intents and purposes, bald and have lost my eyebrows. PIP is broken and breaking people. It’s a humanitarian disgrace.

  44. In her feedback form where she received zero points for every criteria in one section it read: she was not rocking backwards and forwards which is a sinonymous of anxiety she is therefore is not anxious.

  45. My friend had an assessment. She scored no points and was told there was no significant disability. She only has one leg. They made her lie on a bed and asked her to raise her good leg. They then asked her to raise her prosthetic leg and couldn’t understand why she couldn’t do this. Her benefit was stopped and she had to go through the stress of an appeal. Absolutely disgraceful.

  46. Sick and disabled people are being insulted, humiliated and just plain tortured by this hideous system. We need to make sure that we, and everyone we know, are registered and ready to vote in local and national elections – whenever the chance comes – to vote these sociopaths out. In the meantime, please support this petition:


  48. Angry and annoyed says:

    MY pip report was carried out By a woman yet when I got a copy of what was written it had been done by a man they said I’d showed up alone and confident I didn’t i was with my partner and couldn’t sit still from nevers and was nearly sick in the waiting room they said I had no diagnosed medical condition Which is bull shit if that’s the case why have I been in counselling for Months and on different meds for depression over the last 3 years my doctor said no one had been in touch regarding info for a pip assessment they even wrote that I’d said I couldn’t do certain things like use a phone which I never said they lied out there back teeth everyone told me to appeal but it’s not worth the stress and humiliation

  49. shoot the lot of them, the assessors, Theresa may, iain Duncan smith, gaweky gauke, just get a gun and shoot the lot of them

  50. Beware of Alan Barham, crapita assessor in Northampton area, he has been cautioned for lying in reports and for doing reports the day before he even meets the claimant, but he is still doing it, beware of him, always try to get another assessor don’t allow him to defraud you of your right to benefit

  51. At the time of the assessment I had been suffering with ulcerations to the backs on both of my legs below the knee for 18 months. I was on morphine to keep the pain managable and having to have my legs redressed twice a week by nurses to cope with the fluid leaking from my sores. I explained how I couldn’t shower due to my dressings having to not get wet, how I could barely stand or walk for sustained periods.

    I even showed pictures of my legs which I won’t describe here cos I’m sure none of you want to lose your lunches. I walked painfully (quite literally) and slowly on crutches to the assessment room, putting up with the distance only because I was eager to have a chair to sit on (I’d been sat on a table in the waiting room). While being asked to demonstrate my balance I nearly fell into the wall. I explained my depression and frustration….

    I’d been on ESA for six months. You guessed it. Zero points. All stopped. Fit for work despite the fact that I’m a walking biohazard. FML.

  52. “A country that works for all”. We should call a general strike and bring this government down. Theresa May is Prime Minister because she used Tax payers money to buy the votes of the DUP. In my opinion that is corrupt and self serving so how can we expect a government to care for the well being of the people when they can’t see further than the swelling of their own and the friends and families wealth. All they want to do is sell everything that belongs to the people!
    Perhaps it is time for the Queen to earn her salary by “watching over” the well being of her subjects and protect them from this terrible government.

  53. In my assessment report she put that I could safely walk up to 50 metres. My GP says I can barely walk 1 metre into her surgery. Go figure! I got standard rate mobility PIP

  54. I had worked for almost 30 years paying tax and NI, as did my husband. I did volunteer work and helped out in my community despite having life threatening allergies, asthma and arthritis, I was then diagnosed with fibromyalgia and my condition worsened, I also had crippling migraines. It wasn’t till I had a brain haemorrhage that I had to stop working and was put through the mill to get standard rate PIP. From the experience they put me through I now live in fear and have anxiety they’ll take it away.

  55. This is hugely offensive to parents and families of Down’s Syndrome people. It’s not a disease you catch, like the measles, it’s something which you are born with! My youngest brother was a Down’s baby.

  56. Why do people tolerate this shit from the tories, the elite etc? Time for a revolution and to get rid of these corporate, evil mass murdering elite.

  57. I have helped a few friends and family with forms in the past and where needed even gone to appeals with them. Just one daft example…

    X can deal with his bills and mail…then believe it or not they contradict themselves in THE same sentence…though he has support workers who deal with his correspondence and bills. The actual same sentence but still awarded zero across the board…thankfully overturned at appeal!

  58. Geraldine Sinnott says:

    Total and utter immoral disgrace. Tory government need to be taken to account and face the consequences of their evil greedy policies. They have blood on their grasping claws
    God help the sick ,elderly and poor

  59. If a human is cruel to an animal the RSPCA can get a prosecution so why not go with all these cases to the police. They surely would have to investigate under common law.

  60. im currently appealing my partners esa…the so called registered nurse lied on all 28pages of his report…one of them i laughed at: he held his spectacles in his hands…his blind in one eye n the other wanders his glasses are like bottom of pint glasses he cant see nothing without them but under the section vision his eyes are normal..the list goes on she even got his condition wrong..whole thing is disgusting im taking this all the way and consulting a solicitor to take out private proceeding against miss winnie mania the lying woman

  61. was denied esa when i was told to apply for it so appealed & won. 6 months later i had to have another assessment & lost it. appealed again & when i got to the appeal centre it was the same person i saw at the first one who couldn’t believe i was back again & couldn’t believe how they had lied in the report (he actually put in a complaint about it) also know of several people committing suicide over lost benefit due to failed assessments & one man who only has one arm being told his condition will get better. lots of assessors have no medical knowledge but no-one cares as long as they get the numbers down.

  62. These assessors know nothing of what a person is going through. To me I think they are like doctors who don’t know what is wrong with there patient as they don’t really listen to the patient or the person who looks after the patient, eg mums and dads are not heard as the doctor thinks they know better than the parents. It is the same at an assessment the assessors think that they know better than the person that they are assessing, I would like these assessors to spend at least 5 years in mental health wards, children’s wards, and actually learn how to actually listen to the people that they are assessing and read between the lines and repeat what the person is saying as a client may not be able to be clear in what they mean. An assessor should not be able to make a judgement based on a 1 hour chat. As a person who has been through the assessment 3 times, 1 had no problem with, 2nd one went to tribunal and won and now have a date for a 2nd tribunal it is very stressful while waiting.

  63. I was watching a debate on this matter from the House of Commons. MP’s from all sides, including, to be fair, a few Tories, were describing cases, like these in this thread, from their own constituents. The Tory Minister said that they were just scare stories, and that they had carried out independent surveys among claimant, and most people were happy with their assessment. (Would it be they said they were happy because they were terrified of what might happen if they said something else?)

  64. New pip is not suitable for those who have conditions that cannot be seen. Such as epilepsy. Assessors have no idea that for some sufferers they never know from one day to the next if they going to have a seizure that can leave them injured and unconscious. The consultants report of cannot cook meals or shower etc without some one being in the house. Gets confused after seizure so can wonder around. No warning of impending seizures a lot of medication. Denied help with and no.proof that can’t cook etc. What planet are these assessors on. DLA indefinitely pip nothing. Government need to reassess people they turned down and get independent health professionals to look again at all information. Conservatives party of the rich. Disabled people are treated like common criminals habing to go to court to fight for what they deserve. How is this right.

  65. Each person going for pip or esa assessment should try take two people with them, one to support and one to act as an additional witness.

    You should also take full name of the conditions you have and the top five side affects.

    You should also ask for persons name and job title, and if they have a medical qualification, ask who their professional body is.

    Leave them in no doubt your taking notes, and at end of assessment ask them if they have fully understood your medical conditions and how these affect you day to day.

    Make sure you photo copy the application and any evidence like reports etc.

  66. A few year ago I failed my ESA assessment without a f2f, won mandatory recon. I phoned about how they could assess me without seeing me. To be told my MS will get better.
    I got PIP after a home f2f had a carer and my wife there more as witness’s think that helped. It was week before xmas on leaving she had the nerve to wish me merry xmas, I replied won’t be really will it.
    I was ready this time and have my medical notes for the last 20 years ready to photocopy when needed again. We have to keep fighting

  67. Juliet Oppenheimer says:

    I have been reading all these comments and it is heartbreaking…and it leaves me very angry. Every appointment should be recorded, if not by the companies that are raking in money on false pretences, then by the people being assessed. It is clear that this cruel lying needs to be taken to court. Curse the greedy Tories.

  68. Of course, the Tories can only get away with this because the British MSM effectively cover for them, through misrepresentation, selective reporting and evasion. There are also a great many Daily Mail readers and even more Daily Mail ‘thinkers.’ The Neoliberal dream lived large!

  69. Until one of these so-called HCP, ( health care professionals) can be taken to court for gross unprofessional conduct nothing will change. This makes reading

    which is the PIP assessment guide. As a retired paramedic, I have now been to three of these assessments. and although paramedics carry out these assessments I have to say I don’t believe them to be safe, they are more like a .90 min interrogation. Read the assessment guide it tells you what is expected from the assessor. in my experience, it fall far from the mark.

  70. I am at heart a Tory supporter but right now I am ashamed to be English let alone a Conservative voter. It’s probably true that a small number of disability claimants try to milk the system and these people should be identified, named, shamed and perhaps prosecuted but I see no justification for the callous manner in which totally unqualified assessors should be allowed to do this work. My late wife was assessed but because she could make it to the kitchen and make tea she was able bodied in spite of several days in a coma, 12 weeks in intensive care and home with an oxygen machine.

  71. I have seen a number of reports now, for a variety of claimants with differing needs. I have been present at a few. I can say that I have seen reports that do not match the fact of the assessment. It does seem that the assessors are poorly trained and underqualified for the most part. I find too that the ‘DecisionMaker’ almost always pays no attention to the claimants’ words, and frequently ignores the word of any other (qualified) health professional. Many of the decisions I have seen are perverse.

  72. I had an esa assessment today in York. The young lady appeared respectful of mY multiple medical conditions but I have to sit tight and wait for the verdict. I received my form on 17 December. I started filling it in on 26 December. It ruined my Christmas. I completed it by 8 January. It caused me huge stress. They sent me an assessment appointment about 10 days later. It was for 14 Feb. I suffered enormous anxiety for nearly a month. My psychologist was hugely sympathetic but said the government has a lot of blood on its hands and is oblivious to its actions. My GP said “it is a hit and miss affair”. Today felt like going to the gallows to be hung drawn and quartered. Tonight I am relieved its done even though I know an appeal may have to be done. So my misery continues until the brown envelope arrives when I will be sick with anxiety to open it.

  73. The more I read the more horrified I become. Dr says I should be claiming for disability, COPD, Arthritis in both hips and knees, diabetic but I would rather keep working and suffering than go through this shit. I will die trying to get to work one day and that will be fine with me. Better than suffering the indignity they put people through.

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