British spies have joined their Czech counterparts in rubbishing the Cold War espionage claims being made against Jeremy Corbyn.

The head of the Czech security service’s archives yesterday confirmed to the BBC that the Labour leader was never an informer to the country’s security services.

Now Newsnight’s Diplomatic Editor has published a summary of conversations he’s had with British intelligence sources about the allegations.

It’s clear they don’t believe a word of what’s been published in right-wing papers:

Everyone loves a Cold War thriller. But they belong on the fiction shelf, not the front page of national newspapers…

MORE: Czech media backs Corbyn over spy smear 

  1. Taraneh Ahmadi-Parker says:

    The gutter press should be sued for publishing such lies and endengraring Jeremy Corbyn’s live. The alt right idiots believe this stupid garbage, and the newspapers who published it should be sued.

  2. Journalists in the right-wing newspapers will concoct any rubbish in order to earn a crust and please their masters.

  3. Clear case of libel. action must be taken. before some right wing nut attempts to take this good man’s life. Can already see it happening soon

  4. Slimy Ferrari still smirking and making insinuations through an interview with Alex Nunns just now on @skynews. Pathetic and anything to distract from the ERG letter and Brexitshambles

  5. Come on Corbyn pick the worst of the disgusting press lies and sue them. Crowd fund the legal action. We will support the action.

  6. The conservatives go n about fake news and there spreading fake news there selfs just proofs there a vile evil corrupt party and government

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