In a bid to keep what Andrew Marr called a “rather thin” story on Jeremy Corbyn going in recent days, the right-wing press has resorted to demanding that the Labour leader release his Stasi file:

  • A Daily Mail journalist asked Corbyn yesterday to “give permission for your Stasi file to be released to help clear things up.”

  • A spokesman for the Sun has urged him to “open up the Stasi file kept on him that he has so far been content to leave in storage.”

  • The Telegraph has reported that the Labour leader is “under mounting pressure to authorise the release of Cold War files kept on him by the Stasi.”

  • And today’s Daily Mail editorial says he should demonstrate a clear conscience by “authorising secret files kept on him by East Germany’s secret police to – if any such records exist.”

Theresa May and Nigel Farage have also thrown their weight behind the demands of their press baron pals.

But here’s the funny thing: there’s no file to release.

Buried at the bottom of the Guardian’s latest story on the issue is this rather crucial clarification:

“The German authorities responsible for the Stasi archive on Tuesday said they had found no documents on Corbyn. This included all files that can’t be released publicly for privacy protection reasons, spokesman Matthias Dziomba said.”

Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good smear though…

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  1. You omit to mention that the Stasi was the East German Secret Service, whereas Corbyn is accused of passing information to the Czech Secret Service (StB).
    Not quite the same thing is it?

  2. @rapscallion 10:28 am
    The old Czech files have Jeremy Corbyn as a ‘person of interest’ with a numerical sequence commencing with 1. There’s an interview with a Czech official on BBC TV who states that agents/spies for the StB would have had a numerical sequence commencing with 4.
    The East German Stasi file demand is another smear attempt and it seems to have gone the same way.

  3. My god the owners if these dispicable papers are terrified to be trying to smear someone with so many untruths….. opps I mean lies. Is this not more defamatiry comments that Corbyn can sue themfor?

  4. Well well well would you believe it?

    When you are telling the truth, there won’t be any evidence to condemn you. There is proof that your enemies are damned liars!

  5. Why would anyone think Corbyn’s hardleft terror loving socialists with so many eastern european links & who will introduce communism, nationalisation & disband the armed forces could possibly be commie stooges? #stasi #kgb #ReleaseCorbynStasiFiles #AgentCob

  6. “g marks are you on glue” it must be better than that. Send me the recipe G Marks. I need a weekend break in never never land.

  7. G Marks; which part of ‘The german authorities who actually have the Stasi files have looked at them (including the files that they’re not allowed to release for privacy reasons) and can’t find one for Jeremy Corbyn’ do you have difficulty with?

    I honestly can’t think of any shorter words.

  8. Chris Blanchett says:

    What was Commie Corbs doing even talking to Iron Curtain ‘diplomats’ in his function as a backbench Labour MP?
    Ordering new red dralon curtains for every house in North Islington complete with yellow hammer and sickle motif?

  9. Chris Blanchett I’m not sure you’ve quite grasped the point, Corbyn wasn’t talking to anyone. Why anyone would think a backbencher has anything worth sharing is beyond me but the Conservatives amongst us must be very, VERY afraid Labor is going to win the next election.

  10. Wendy. You’ve missed the point. He was talking to a Czech spy, as were many other people. That does not mean he did anything wrong.

  11. Spies by their nature do not advertise the fact they are spies.So even if JC did talk to anyone how was he supposed to know they were ?? Exactly what “Top secret” Info he was privy to as a Back Bench MP ? My guess is zero,absolutely none. Talking of Privy, Surely as a member he would have been vetted by MI5 & various secret services to ensure his suitability they seem to approve, so who do I believe the MI5 endorsement of the Rt honourable member of the Queen’s Privy council or some Rabid Right wingers slinging mud hoping some would stick,worried that all their evil doings in society are about to become undone ??

  12. I was going to say something and then thought “what’s the f**king point”? The people who believe the crap about Jeremy Corbyn being some kind of ‘super spy’ are going to continue to believe it even when there is evidence to the contrary because they want to believe it – they’re like those nutjob flat earthers.

  13. So, a couple of years ago, Corbyn was a joke, a silly clown, a no-hoper. Then he got all his votes by Momentum (Under Corbyn’s personal and direct control) rigging, bribing and threatening his opposition, then he went back to being a joke. After that, they left him alone for a bit, and now he’s a super spy. Seems believable to me…….

  14. The smear strategy

    Part 1. Say something derogatory about someone

    Part 2. Repeat ad infinitum in the hope that regardless of whether it is true or not it penetrates peoples psyche

    Part 3. Ignore answers containing evidence contrary to statement in Part 1 repeating only the phrase “there are questions that must be answered”

  15. Wouldn’t you be running scared with the rebel Tories about to re-enact the Night of the Long Knives with Theresa over the Brexit fiasco?

  16. Torys mean it’s them who involved in the spying world meeting up with spies … Doing dirty stuff in this country … Caused so much unrest wars killed so many … People abroad and people here through their evil ideology …. All evil doing the devil’s work in this country and where ever they go making wealth from wars

  17. Pauline Thomas says:

    Lets bear in mind photo’s of BOJO our foreign secretary photographed soclialising with a Russian ‘businessman’ who was later thrown out of the UK for being a spy. That to me is far more dangerous than a young Corbyn on the back benches having a cup of tea in the HoC with a Czech diplomat who later claimed to be a spy.

  18. Well Corbyn wasn’t a very good spy if he was cavorting with the enemy in broad daylight, In the House Of Commons in full view of everyone. Still, common sense never did get in the way of a right ring, knuckle drag directed smear. More stupid by the day , it’s almost too easy !!!!

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