Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and shadow Chancellor John McDonnell have published their tax returns for the third consecutive year today.

They showed Corbyn earned £136,762 from MP’s pay, his salary as leader of the opposition and pension, while McDonnell made £87,353 from MP’s pay and pension.

Predictably, that prompted charges of hypocrisy from some right-wingers who seem to believe lefties should get less than the Tories for the same job:

But the amount earned by the leaders of the opposition pale into insignificance when compared to the sums raked in by top Tories from their side jobs alone.

The register of MPs’ interests shows:

Perhaps it’s best if the Tories don’t pick a fight over this one.

We wonder what we’d find if they followed Labour’s example and published their tax returns?

  1. Corbyn paid nearly £50K in tax on his earnings. I wonder what proportion of total earnings those Tories paid in tax???

  2. Genuinely – I’d be interested to see how these MPs divide up the 168 hours in a week.
    As a full time GP for 30 years the highest annual pay I ever got from the practice was just over £80k and my average weekly hours would have been about 60-70.
    There are no supermen or superwomen – even in Westminster, so I would tend to the view that dividing their time up would result in all their tasks being less than ideally performed.

  3. Susan Cummings says:

    So the Tories take such huge salaries plus expenses but take £100 a month mobility benefits off me based on an assessor observing me “adjusting my glasses and dressing gown and putting my legs up on the sofa”. It’s sickening.

  4. And what money do the Tories have behind them, never mind their earnings. Soames and Rees Mogg at least come from wealthy backgrounds.

  5. John Redwood is particularly worrying as he can make money from urging caution in his advisory capacity while promoting a hard Brexit publicly. Mr Two Hats?

  6. THIS is why they are conservatives.. nobody else matters.. just grab as much as you can and sod everyone else.

  7. “Jeremy Corbyn raked in £140K last year and gave £890 in charitable gift aid donations”…This doesn’t show that he did not give money elsewhere – to campaign groups, or organisations not eligible for gift aid – or chose not to “gift aid”

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