The Government skipped a pre-planned meeting with the EU over Brexit just weeks before a crucial self-imposed deadline.

UK representatives were due to meet with EU chief Brexit negotiater Michel Barnier in Brussels this morning.

The key talking point was to be progress towards the March deadline set by David Davis for a transition deal.

But Barnier claimed the British side pulled out of the meeting because of what he diplomatically called a diary clash.

He told a press conference:

“We’d also planned an update by the UK on the future relationship. That update could not take place this morning because of diary constraints on the UK side. That’s the only meeting that has so far been cancelled.”

The Government says a re-arranged meeting is due to take place later today, but EU officials insist that is a meeting about a separate issue.

This comes after ministers were summoned to Chequers, the PM’s country residence, in a bid to hammer out a unified position on Brexit.

Journalists have made it plain that they believe that the British no-show at this morning’s meeting was due to Cabinet chaos:

The farce came as Barnier warned that a transition period “is not a given” because of “substantial” disagreements.

Carry on Brexit…

  1. Brexit,as voted for 2016 is undeliverable.It was a facile vote,a binary cover all.There are so many major problems presenting themselves that any soluton,if arrived at,will be a fudge.Britain will have this existential conundrum for a generation.Good luck.

  2. Carmen Malaree says:

    I think the excuse of this government not to be able to attend has more to do with the EU announcement today that there will be no border between the two Irelands: the Customs Union and the single market will be accessible to Northern Ireland in order to maintain the Good Friday Agreement. This willmake the DUP react and create friction with the British government as the latter promised them to maintain NI with the same trading conditions as the UK.

  3. I don’t think you can really blame the EU for the mess we’re in. It’s not their fault we decided to leave and it’s not their fault that this far into the process the UK gov’t still can’t agree on a negotiating position. Strong and stable indeed!

  4. Anonymous nails it. It’s not the EU’s fault we decided to leave. The EU has its structure, how it behaves in relation to events is governed by the various treaties. It would be improper for them to act in any other way. As to the ‘diary clash’, well every time I turn around there’s another SNAFU. To use an old adage, this government couldn’t organise a booze-up in a brewery.

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