“The German sense of humour isn’t so well known,” Jacob Rees-Mogg said in a recent BBC interview.

Well, it turns out they’re funnier than the stereotype and they’re having a blood good laugh at Brexit during today’s carnival celebrations.

The traditional “rose Monday” parades in north west Germany are famous for floats which pack a political punch – and the Brexiteers are on the end of it this year.

Terrifying likenesses of Theresa May were paraded through two German cities. This one was spotted in Dusseldorf:

While this one was paraded through Cologne:


It’s the second year running that Germans have used carnival to mock Brexit. This float from last year’s parade in Dusseldorf will be tough to top:

The jokes on EU, Jacob…

  1. Disgraceful and totally disrespectful to a fine politician.
    Any chance we could borrow them to parade down Whitehall ?

  2. They have to have something to laugh at, but once we leave the EU let’s see who will be laughing then. Wonder how many of them will be out of work, because we will find other markets to buy from

  3. Philip Cox: I wonder how many of us will be out of work when people won’t be buying from us? We have a big trade imbalance as we don’t export enough as it is, and 50% of our exports currently go to the EU. Seems irresponsible to be turning our backs on our biggest customer.

  4. The Germans will have to pay a lot more for their little project – EU after we leave, so lets forgive them this little fit of pique, they already prop up several countries almost single handedly and lots of them are not happy. Gexit anyone?.

  5. I can’t help laughing my head off at people like “Moose”, who clearly doesn’t have a clue about what is happening, and if he’s an example of a typical Brexiter, then I feel truly sorry for the UK.
    They just don’t get it.
    So the UK won’t be paying its £350 million per week.
    But have you any idea how much the UK will be paying in import duties and tariff fees?
    If they go by WTO rules, it works out at almost 6 times the £350 million per week.
    A hard Brexit, and the EU will be laughing all the way to the bank

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