Farage’s appearances on Fox News help him rake in £100,000-a-year

How much did Nigel Farage make from helping to supply Donald Trump with ammo against the NHS?

We’ll never know the exact amount because the European Parliament doesn’t require MEPs to disclose how much they receive from each of their second jobs.

But we do know from Farage’s declarations of financial interests that his gig as a contributor to Fox News is part of a very lucrative media sideline.

Farage’s declaration for 2016 shows that he earned between £4,400 and £8,800 every month from “occasional remunerated outside activity” as a “political and current affairs commentator.”

But Farage’s media career hit new heights in January 2017 when he received two contracts with major broadcasters either side of the Atlantic.

He began presenting his daily LBC Radio show on January 9 and it was announced on January 20 that he had become a political commentator for Fox News.

Farage updated his declaration of financial interests the following month.

It now shows that he makes at least £106,000-a-year from “regular remunerated activity”, which he specifies as: “Broadcast contracts.”

Farage may make substantially more, but the register only requires MEPs to signal whether they earn over €10,000-a-month.

It’s also unclear how much of the self-styled outsider’s media wealth comes from Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News.

But we know that between his European taxpayer-funded salary and media work, he now earns at least £210,000-a-year. 

No wonder he’s happy to debate “the future of universal healthcare” with the NHS’ biggest critics…

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