When Nigel Farage appears on Question Time in Blackpool in two weeks time it will be his 32nd appearance on the programme.

The decision to invite him on again at a time when UKIP is at just 2% in the polls has caused controversy, with Labour peer Andrew Adonis today calling on TV regulator Ofcom to step in.

QT’s deputy editor has hit back by pointing out Farage hasn’t been on the show since 2016 and UKIP’s poll numbers give them the same UK-wide share as the SNP and Plaid Cymru combined.

While Farage might have taken a well earned break in recent times, the stats back up the widespread perception that he has been given a disproportionate amount of airtime.

He has been on the show 31 times since his first appearance in November 2000. He’s about to reach 32.

That means he’s made more appearances this century than:

  • Prime Minister Theresa May (26), Brexit Secretary David Davis (26) and International Trade Secretary Liam Fox (20) and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson (13).
  • Major figures in the last Labour government, such as Harriet Harman (26), Peter Hain (28), and Douglas Alexander (23).
  • Former Lib Dem leaders Menzies Campbell (30) and Charles Kennedy (26).
  • Former First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond (22).

The only person to match his number of appearances on the programme this century is former Chancellor Ken Clarke, who is also on the show next month.

And after that programme, Farage will have made the most appearances per year on average since Question Time started.

His 32 appearances over 18 years works out at an average of 1.7 per year. Ken Clarke’s 58 appearances over 36 years is an average of 1.6 per year.

We’re no Beeb bashers and clearly they’ve picked up the public sentiment on this by easing off on the Farage appearances since 2016.

But maybe this one ought to be his last for a very, very, very long time…

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  1. Farage has 2% of what? 2% of the UK comprising England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland? Plaid and the SNP have 2% of the UK but only 10% of the UK population. What would the equivalent be then? 20%?

  2. What proportion of appearances have LibDems had since 2015 compared to SNP. If Question Time is to be relevant in Scotland then the SNP should be on most weeks and not just when from Scotland. The LibDems should hardly be on such is there low level of support and UKIP should never be on. Since when did share of vote determine numbers ,they used to use numbers of MPs. Is this all anti SNP/PC?

  3. Who supports UKIP anymore apart from the B.B.C.? Let’s get appearances proportionate to number of M.P.s at least. Farage is an M.E.P. collecting wages from a Parliament he wishes to leave , ridiculous. His party are a joke and he is no longer it’s leader, oops they don’t have a leader .

  4. How nice it would be if Question Time had people other than politicians on it’s programme as it did long years ago

  5. alan crompton says:

    What does it matter how many times Farage has been on Question Time? Surely the point of the program is to encourage debate and whether people agree with him or not his views are still valid. It should be the job of the other members of the panel to demolish his arguments

  6. “Guests are selected in order to ensure there is a balance of views, and party representation is in line with past electoral support. We aim for due impartiality, in line with BBC Editorial Guidelines, and guests range from members of the Government to comedians and commentators. ” It matters because it shows the BBC to be biased and not being held to account for favouring Farage by giving him a platform on national television over all the others. “Due impartiality” my kipper!

  7. The realist says:

    Nigel Farrage is probably the most informed and relevant person they could have on there. When they thought he had no chance they would let him on as target practice for the lefties. Now he has achieved his goal they really really really don’t like it.
    Pathetic bunch of leftie snowflake whiners.

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