Henry Bolton proved why he’s intolerable – even to UKIP members – as he defended his girlfriend’s attack on Grenfell victims and survivors today.

Bolton claimed he’d broken up with Marney in a bid to save his job as UKIP leader after revelations about racist comments she’d made.

They included a Facebook post about the Grenfell tragedy in which Marney wrote:

“Disgusting. That entire tower was a nest of illegal immigrants of all varieties. That’s why they can’t identify most of them. Meanwhile, British families wait on the council housing list for years.”

But, to literally nobody’s surprise, the pair announced they were back together after Bolton was sacked in a vote on Saturday.

And today they appeared together on ITV’s This Morning show, where they were quizzed about Marney’s Grenfell rant.

Both tried to justify it. Marney said:

“I think the language that I used was not good. I didn’t mean to cause offence but I think in the wider, broader context of what I said, I think these are things that we need to be discussing….

“I think there’s an issue with illegal immigration in this country and I think it’s something we should be discussing.”

Bolton added:

“With the Grenfell tower thing, I mean the Home Office, has offered a year’s amnesty for illegal immigrants who were in that tower and survived and there is a lot of evidence to show that there are bodies that are unidentified because they were illegal. So Jo has used emotive language but actually we shouldn’t allow that to take away from the problem.

“…There are far worse comments made by other people.”

They can’t disappear from public life fast enough…

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  1. Once a racist always a racist they wouldn’t be so quick to condemn if they had relatives in there
    unbelievable from a so called politition and potential Diplomat for our great nation
    Uncalled for and disgusting

  2. For gods sake don’t give them airtime every time they are interviewed it’s another boost to there ego let them dissapear into the sewer they crawled from

  3. And to think poison dwarf Bolton once held the Queen’s Commission.

    He’s a disgrace to the uniform he once wore.

  4. Idiots like these should not be given airtime,
    the only place fore this kind of people is in hospital waiting list …

    they are SICK!

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