After being sacked as Deputy PM for lying about a porn stash on his computer, Damian Green has been undergoing a political rehabilitation in recent weeks.

Green asked a jokey question to Theresa May at PMQs last month and now he’s making interventions on issues like Brexit and social care like nothing’s happened.

But his comments on the Today programme this morning about the sexual harassment claims made against him by Kate Maltby have raised questions about whether he’s fit to be back at the centre of public life.

Maltby alleges that Green touched her knee after saying his wife was “very understanding” and later send her a “suggestive” text message after seeing a photo of her in a corset.

Today, the Tory MP insisted he “didn’t behave inappropriately” and called the text message a “joke.”

Listen to his full comments below:

Maltby responded to his comments on Twitter, saying Green’s denial went to the heart of the problem:


His comments have also drawn criticism from political journalists and activists:

Cancel the come back tour…

MORE: Read Maltby’s full account of Green’s behaviour here:

  1. Any one else noticed that the tories are never at fault or to blame or in any way responsible for any thing which may be detrimental or offensive to others? Just so happens that the most practiced proponents of this fallacy are on public display in the Cabinet.

  2. Yet they are all mock-horrified about Oxfam and the behaviour of some of it’s staff; strange that they are so moralistic about that organisation when their own is rotten to the core with depravity, sexism and general grubbiness. You would almost think this was a smokescreen to distract from their own corruption ! Perish the thought.

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