The concerted smear campaign being waged against Jeremy Corbyn by the right-wing press was dealt an embarrassing blow this afternoon.

The Sun, Telegraph and Daily Mail have been running ever more fanciful stories about the Labour leader based on the testimony of one man who claims he set up Live Aid.

But the tactic isn’t having its desire effect if the verdict of manufacturing bosses – a natural Tory constituency – is anything to go by.

Jeremy Corbyn gave a speech to business leaders at the EEF conference today and took questions afterwards.

When a Daily Mail journalist asked him about the spying allegations, delegates booed. And when Corbyn dismissed them as “nonsense”, they cheered.

Sky News have now uploaded the clip of the moment:

The telling reaction came after the Czech spy agency conclusively refuted the smears against Corbyn:

Corbyn got a warm send off from today’s conference, according to another attendee:

The same can’t be said for International Trade Secretary for Liam Fox:

Nobody’s buying the Tory press’ fake news. Sad…

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  1. Helen
    I did not. I have not read the Daily Wail since 1976 (it wasn’t the same paper then as it is now), I have never read the Sun or Express at all, and the Tory graph not since 1976 either.

  2. If the Tory right dig anymore they’ll finish up in Australia.
    To see a once powerfull party reduced to this behaviour is beyond words, they have reduced the credibility of this government to a boozy hen party.

  3. This demonstrates just how feared JC is by the Tories. However that is no excuse for their vindictive behaviour particularly in the light of the PMs vow to eradicate fake news and bullying. Just when you thought she couldn’t let herself down any further she does.

  4. The Tories must be really scared of JC and getting desperate with the CRAP they are trying to dig up on him . They are so pathetic we need them OUT now JC4PM

  5. Interesting that recently the Czech archives revealed that they did in fact recruit a Tory MP and paid him £100 a time for the same intell they were allegedly getting from JC. Where’s the Tory outrage and Daily Mail / Sun / Torygraph hate against that individual ? Nowhere of course he was a Tory.

  6. What have the media got to say about the Tory MP who in the Czech’s pay? It seems all right for some and not others.

  7. Oh dear, the Tories are just proving beyond any doubt just how thick some Brits truly are. The tories stand to lose trillions of the publics money, of course they’re worried. they’ll do a lot worse than this.

  8. So who was the Tory being paid £100 a time? Such a report would not be libellous if true or legal.

    (I have not made this comment previously)

  9. Betrayedplanet says:

    Ms May and her little gang of thieves have lost all touch with reality. It is quite a serious situation when we have this mad little tribe of wealthy, power hungry sociopathic nut-jobs controlling the lives of 66mil approx. What to do? because they will stop at nothing on behalf of their narcissistic ideology, nothing. Thats what frightens me.

  10. lol Another failed smear attack. Uncorruptible Corbyn still stands tall and proud. For the many not the few assholes who want to privatize everything and sell the family silver.

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