Boris Johnson slips into venue of his Brexit speech through back door to avoid pro-EU protest

Boris Johnson’s big intervention on Brexit got off to a bad start today when he arrived to find a pro-EU protest inside the building where he was making the speech.

The Foreign Secretary tried to convince Remainers of the benefits of Brexit with a speech to the Policy Exchange in Westminster.

Unfortunately for him, the think tank hosting the event shares a building with the Liberal Democrats and the location of the speech wasn’t exactly a secret.

So when Johnson arrived at the venue on Great George Street this afternoon, party workers were waiting with EU flags and anti-Brexit placards:

According to this Euronews correspondent, the protestors timed their appearance on the balcony to perfection.

They appeared just as Johnson began heading for the building, prompting him to jump back in a car and flee to the back door:

So much for taking Remainers head on…