Boris Johnson was widely criticised for failing to address the Irish border question in his recent speech on Brexit – but that silence was probably for the best judging by his comments on the issue this morning.

The Foreign Secretary has compared the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to the border between two London boroughs.

And he said the Irish border issue created by hard Brexiteers like him could be resolved with a little inspiration from the London congestion charge:

He revealed his cunning plan after Irish government warned at the weekend that the hard Brexit being pursued by the Government would create tensions and risk a return to violence if it led to customs checks being reimposed.

Labour MP and Open Britain spokesman Chris Leslie said Johnson showed “stupefying ignorance” of the situation. He concluded:

“Now we know why Boris Johnson didn’t mention the problem of the Irish border once in his big Brexit speech last week: because he simply doesn’t understand it.”

Remember when a delicate peace deal that ended a decades long conflict between Westminster and Camden was thrown into jeopardy but saved by the introduction of the congestion charge?

No, us neither. Let’s hope Johnson’s not made Education Secretary next…

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  1. I am not a practising religious person… But lord help protect us from this mumbling bumbling idiot… Please tell when the ‘troubles’ between the London boroughs happened and who negotiated their peace process !!!
    This man is very ambitious and dangerous … He has more idiotic friends in high places supporting his crazy plans… Beware of aid idiot?.. Be very aware!!

  2. Could you imagine the BBC’s response if these words had come form Corbyn or MacDonald? Just watching the Politics Show and in typically objective style the BBC are front and center in highlighting the holes in Corbyn’s speech yesterday while finding some talking head from the Institute of Directors to defend Boris’ sentiments this morning…ridiculous!

  3. John Hubberstey says:

    Interesting that the Hillingdon Tories have been forced to deliver expensive Johnson promotion leaflets with internet poll follow up. He’s apparently responsible for everything apart the virgin birth. (He’d claim that if he could see an electoral advantage in it).
    Clearly he is perceived as wanting on the home as well as the foreign front.

  4. I live in Northern Ireland. This Man cares nothing for the people living here . He wants Brexit So he And His Tory Mates Can Line their pockets.

  5. This shows what bottomless pit the Conservatives have to go down to so as to exhume Wunderkind Boris. I do not doubt that he is a clever man, BUT his sense of humor has been left behind the nearest open drain. Well, I am assuming he was joking!

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