Two of the Tories’ top Brexiteers have been putting out some very confusing messages today.

Both Boris Johnson and Liam Fox have spoken today about how Britain has benefited from the trade deal that the EU struck with South Korea in 2011.

EU exports of goods to the country has gone up by 59% between 2010 and 2016, while exports of services have been boosted by 49%.

On the Today Programme this morning, the Foreign Secretary highlighted how Britain’s export “growth with Korea is actually up 100%.”

And in his speech at Bloomberg today, the International Trade Secretary gave an example of one British industry that had benefited from the deal:

“When free trade agreements are reached, the positive effects on businesses, industries and economies can be remarkable.

“The EU – Korea free trade agreement, which came into effect in July 2012, is just one example.

“In the year before the deal was agreed, the UK beer and cider industry sold almost nothing to Korea. Exports were under £2 million. By 2017 however, sales to South Korea have exploded to over £93 million.”

Somehow, both see that as proof we need to leave the customs union and stop benefiting from trade deals with South Korea and 49 other countries.

Never mind crisps, they must be crackers…

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  1. So 5 years later, a few companies have benefitted from an extra £91Million in revenue…. not exactly a life changing amount is it…? Less than a weeks worth of membership charges

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