Big beast of broadcasting Andrew Neil destroyed the credibility of spy smears against Jeremy Corbyn in a box office interview this afternoon.

The host of the BBC’s Daily Politics show put Brexit Minister Steve Baker “on the ropes” over allegations made by his colleagues about the Labour leader.

Neil challenged Baker to back up claims made by Defence secretary Gavin Williamson, security minister Ben Wallace and Tory vice chair Ben Bradley.

Williamson claimed Corbyn “betrayed his country”, Wallace compared him to Soviet spy Kim Philby and Bradley claimed he had “sold British secrets to communists” in a tweet he deleted after being threatened with legal action.

Asked whether he thought their claims were true, Baker admitted: “I’ve got no evidence for any of that.”

That led Neil to conclude:

“The real Scandal, Mr Baker isn’t what Mr Corbyn has supposedly done or not done, it’s the outright lies and disinformation that your fellow Tories are spreading.”

It’s a must watch:

Never mind Moscow gold, that’s TV gold…

MORE: New blow to spy smears as German authorities reveal there isn’t a Stasi file on Jeremy Corbyn

  1. Valerie Davies says:

    Well done Andrew you really did yourself proud in this interview. I hope you will continue with this level of unbiased interviewing.

  2. Wow For the first time ever we see Real probing Journalism and calling this out for the lying it obviously is.Now try Kavanagh who yesterday on Daily Politic said he had documentary PROOF.Lets see it .

  3. Things must be really bad if Neil accuses this vile Government and certain Nazis in it of lies and misinformation!
    Even the BBC doesn’t believe the Mazebot and her fellow Nazis! LOL

  4. Maybe Mr Corbyn should use the strategy Winston Churchill did, to circumvent Parliamentary procedure. He substituted “terminological inexactitude” for “lie”). Most.if not all tories use “teminological inexactitudes” on a daily basis.

  5. Neil Andrews would not have challenged this Tory MP if he thought they were evidence against Jeremy. Dam right lies and this smear as to challenged. Theses people doing the slander should be sacked then took to court.

  6. Timothy Payne says:

    At long last someone, Andrew Neil , has had the bottle to shame this despicable government and it’s press driven campaign against Jeremy Corbyn . . . We also know he is no socialist and gave Dianne Abbott a torrid time over her Ill considered opinions – this truly abject government and it’s press acolytes have failed and all they have left is to deceive and deny .

  7. well said Andrew. Surprised you didn’t mention the “Zinoviev letters” 1924 or the accusations against Harold Wilson. None the less well said

  8. I watch Daily Politics every day and am so pleased to have seen an expert, Andrew Neal, really outing the truth. Pleased it’s been aired and now shared.

  9. Susan Pickard says:

    All these fairy tales about Jeremy Corbyn does nothing for the press or the conservative party. It just shows up their twisted thinking. Well done Andrew Neil it is good to see true journalism coming out. All the press and tory MPs have done is strengthen Jeremy Corbyn’s position. When we have honesty we have true government.

  10. This campaign of smears and lies against Jeremy Corbyn has got to stop. Do the Tory party think the British electorate are fools to believe any of this, because they’re certainly behaving as if they do???

  11. Classic case of a Tory putting party before country and in plain sight. they ALWAYS do it, from ex ministers to ex prime ministers.

  12. It’s about time we had some unbiased interviewing. In years gone by all presenters/newscasters/television journalists had to show an unbiased front. Admitted they were po faced but they were there to do a job and that was to present the FACTS. Let’s hope the powers that be are bringing that trend back. Have to say it this time Andrew you did well.

  13. Norman Macdonald says:

    It a real change to see Andrew Neil pick apart the Tory party’s gutter tricks, and show them up for the liars they are. And also for shutting up the Labour MP who tried to save him. Well done Andrew keep it up.

  14. Well done Andrew Neil. How can we trust and believe these Tory MPs. They have no principle and moral. They are are disgrace and should be ashamed of themselves.
    These Tory MPs are using dirty and vicious nonsense and lies about Jeremy Corbyn and supported by BBC and other media. they are responsible and should be questioned be charged.

  15. if you watch Theresa May’s body language and her facial expressions a complete mis match with the words coming out of her mouth. massive cognitive dissonance . very disturbing for viewers and listeners if they recognise it and if they don’t deeply disturbing too

  16. Thanks Andrew I am an ex service member of a number of military site and the members of them constantly claim Jeremy Corbyn is a spy and a traitor to our country. I would like Jeremy Corbyn to seek redress for the lies being told in a court of law.
    It is a situation which is not good for our country and they continue to peddle it.

  17. Teresa Steele says:

    Wow! That was truly amazing! But being as Corbyn sent out a video message yesterday saying he was calling out the lying newspapers and challenging those who called him a traitor I believe Neil knew he couldn’t spin such lies for fear of his own reputation. Well done though he will have earned Brownie points.

  18. No, It’s “not well done,Andrew Neill “!
    The reason Neill has chosen to disown the smears against Jeremy Corbyn is because they are so ineffective!
    They are embarrassing and derided….no one believes them.
    Andrew Neill is NOT playing the gentleman. …he is an old, experienced TORY who has had media control for the Murdoch family for years;both in print and Television.
    Neill wants the destruction of Labour and it’s organisation; and with him the first casualty is TRUTH!
    So don’t be greatfully. ….BE CAREFUL!

  19. Peter Jeffries says:

    What a fantastic exhibition of top class journalistic probing by Andrew Neil. The Tories yet again caught bare faced lying. As soon as I saw this story break I thought it dodgy. Neil has confirmed it in the most professional way infront of the UK public. Never trust a cruel Tory never seemed more apt.

  20. Never expected that from Andrew Neil. He must be as worried as lots of us about the facist tendency in this government and the party they represent. Joseph Goebbels lives on!

  21. Louise Woodward says:

    This is the excellent standard of reportage that used to be the norm here in the U.K. Please keep this up Mr Neil and remind the nation what we are in danger of losing. Your profession should be guardians of our Democracy.

  22. Not convinced by Neil’s motives here, but well done anyway! I’ve stopped watching the Daily Politics since they handed it over to the Tory mouthpieces ‘JoCo’ and the Scottish one. At least Neil attempted to look unbiased, even if he blatently wasn’t!

  23. Austen Merritt says:

    Neil did what he had to and did it well; the Labour contributor was an idiot and Steve Baker had no answer, apart from trying to wriggle and change the subject! The Ministers involved in these accusations should be sacked!

  24. proud of you neil its about time mps of all parties are confronted and put to task, mr baker still even though he knew everything neil said was truth, could not give a straight answer that says to me the quicker we get rid of this scum tory party the better for every person in the united kingdom.

  25. david wilson-johnson says:

    tremendous to see a worm being made to look like the worm he is…..bravo Mr Neil….more please until the worm colony is replaced and put to rest…..

  26. Barry Worthington says:

    I can only hope that Mr Corbyn decides to take these lying Fascists to court and have them prosecuted.
    This is what would happen if somebody slandered a Tory mp.
    It’s time for the Tory/Nazi party to be ousted from power.

  27. This amateur, immature Tory Government being skewered by Andrew Neil. Think I’m going to watch the Brexit Minister (haha) squirm one more time…

  28. Vivienne Thorpe says:

    Well done Andrew Neil – we are all well & truly fed up with the biased reporting & downright Tory lies so this is really REFRESHING!

  29. I love your enthusiasm, people. However long experience tells me that every anti Labour/ TU lie is believed by lots of anti Labour people. The vaguer the better, cos it’s harder to disprove and there is no smoke without fire comments.
    Sue the liars is the best deterrent. You could finance Labour on untrue sneers.

  30. I love your enthusiasm, people. However long experience tells me that every anti Labour/ TU lie is believed by lots of anti Labour people. The vaguer the better, cos it’s harder to disprove and there is no smoke without fire comments.

  31. I love your enthusiasm, people. However long experience tells me that every anti Labour/ TU lie is believed by lots of anti Labour people. The vaguer the better, cos it’s harder to disprove and there is no smoke without fire comments.

  32. Brendan Gallagher says:

    Well done Andrew
    Garbage dump slander well and truly exposed get rid of this bunch of Clowns and criminals… like yesterday would be good

  33. Unfortunately I now don’t trust anyone from any party. It’s so sad as when I was a youngster you could trust your MP but not now. They have all become devious cunning liars determined to discredit any opposition, largely because they don’t have anything to offer

  34. Teresa Phillips says:

    Well done makes a change someone being honest in a interview when they are trying to destroy somebody reputation

  35. Brexit Minister Steve Baker says about his colleague’s smears, “They will need to defend what they said”.
    Well, we need to see their proof or an apology which has the full weight carrying the weight of what these allegations are portraying.

  36. If there was legal action against the libelous Tories and monies were needed, I would happily contribute.

    Are convicted felons disqualified from being M.P.s? If so, I guess that there would be the added bonus of by-elections 🙂

  37. Well done Andrew Neil – however, let’s not forget that the real scandal is that the level of political ‘debate’ in this country has reached a point where this kind of ridiculous, smearing accusation is given any serious consideration at all.

  38. Well done Andrew! I am so sick of my party being dragged into the gutter by those teetering at the top. Brexit and rubbishing anything the opposition says seem to be all this shower are capable of talking about. The rest of the country’s issues can go hang apparently. Why oh why did David Cameron have to go and leave us in this almighty mess

  39. Gina rotherford says:

    Well done Andrew! I am so sick of my party being dragged into the gutter by those teetering at the top. Brexit and rubbishing anything the opposition says seem to be all this shower are capable of talking about. The rest of the country’s issues can go hang apparently. Why oh why did David Cameron have to go and leave us in this almighty mess

  40. Dave Costello says:

    Unfortunately there are plenty of people who readily believe anything the Tories come up with, both against Corbyn, and to save their own self- interested sorry skins. This kind of clear thinking scrutiny needs to be happening – and reported for all to see – on a regular basis.

  41. I concur with Thalia campbel. I’m a counselling therapist and the term Thalial uses. “cognitive dissonance” is a perfect in discribing these fabrications of the truth.

  42. What do you expect from this Goverment who appointed a man who lost his job for being a liare
    (That Baffon Boris )

  43. Well done Andrew Neil. I’m back on you again! If only other BBC programmes were as hard hitting. I’m thinking of Radio 4’s much vaunted Today programme in particular. We need you.

  44. Thank goodess for someone like Andrew Neil who has the accumen and tenacity to properly interrogate the Tory minister on his programme about the obvious lies being touted by Tory ministers to discredit the leader of the opposition . This gives me some hope that the lies and spin being touted by the Tory government backed by a Tory controlled media might yet be exposed for what it is and the people responsible brought to task for this scandalous situation .

  45. I’d like to see a full grovelling apology from the Tories on the front page of the Daily Mail please, in 2″ letters of the same type they use to spread these libellous smears against Jeremy Corbyn. It really has to stop. How low can these disgraceful Tories go?

  46. My My aren’t we up in arms about Corbyn being accused of having connections possibly detrimental to our country. Seemingly at the moment cannot be proved or DISPROVED. One has lost count of the times Tory or brexiteers have been falsely accused of various things. The man Corbyn is an absolute menace to GB. He is steeped in communistic beliefs and is not fit to lead a once decent party which I have supported in the past. He and Macdonald should be ousted and allow the party to become democratic again

  47. Perhaps the one who made the accusations should have been interviewed…the one who Might have had documentary back up, not a chancer looking out for his own political career? And the worry of Corbyn for PM lies not in some dubious past, but in a well documented present from his own words aired regularly in public!!

  48. Well done Mr Neil. The Tories seem to have become specialists in spreading fake news. How sad, that once a great party, has been taken over by 3rd raters, who will do anything to stay in power.

  49. Well done Andrew Neil the tory party all ways told lies and all ways will they did any think to keep in power and keep working man down

  50. Al Bowler…You asked, he(Corbyn)should be ousted and allow the party to become democratic again…..Wasn’t democracy used by the Unite union, when they put it to the vote for the leadership of the labour party, which Corbyn won?….GOD ABOVE HOW MUCH MORE DEMOCRATIC CAN IT BE?

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