The best the new Tory chairman, Brandon Lewis, could say about the state of his party after the reshuffle chaos was that it was “not quite” a mess.

A brief scan of today’s papers shows that many Tory MPs and ministers don’t agree.

While they might be putting a brave face on it publicly, many gave anonymous quotes to Westminster journalists about May’s meltdown. Here’s the best of them…

From the Telegraph article headlined: Night of the blunt stiletto

“One serving minister said: ‘It’s the reshuffle that never was, it’s bizarre. It just looks weak.'”

From the Times article headlined: Greening quits in shambolic reshuffle

“One backbencher said: ‘Everyone went away for Christmas and because of the Brexit deal forgot that the operation around the PM is shit.’”

From the Times’ Red Box briefing:

“The phone rings early this morning and it is a seriously unhappy minister: ‘We are in danger of coming across as white and straight at the top, with a smattering of ‘diversity’ at the bottom. That’s a terrible message to send.”’

The Daily Mail article headlined: No, Prime Minister

“‘One senior Tory described the outcome as embarrassing, adding: ‘Far from asserting her authority, it’s just highlighted how weak she is.'”

The Guardian article headlined: May reshuffle in disarray as Justine Greening quits

“Another Tory MP, speaking anonymously, told the Guardian it was a ‘dreadful error to let her [Greening] go’, adding: ‘May gives in to the boys but effectively sacks a woman born and raised in Rotherham, who went to the local comprehensive, who is bright and more than able, and who won a marginal seat beating Labour – oh, and she happens to be in a same sex relationship.'”

The Sun article headlined: PM defied in shuffle shambles:

“One disappointed Tory minister still branded it ‘total rubbish.'”

From the Sun’s Westminster correspondent:

From the Spectator’s assistant editor:

And one Tory MP just came out and said it himself:

Good luck clearing up the mess, Brandon…

  1. Maggie Hardman says:

    Humt should’ve been sacked not given social care added to his job when je clealy can’t fulfil his role as health Secretary

  2. Maggie Hardman says:

    Hunt should’ve been sacked not given social care added to his job when je clealy can’t fulfil his role as health Secretary

  3. Dougie Blackwood says:

    I watched IDS on the news at lunchtime; he was positively squirming with embarrassment about his Tory party being in such a mess.

  4. Chris Kitcher says:

    She still wants to see Idiot Duncan Smiths eugenics policy enacted. Just kill all those who can’t cope with Tory callousness and give the money to their rich chums.

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