Just when you thought Theresa May couldn’t look any weaker or less principled, up pops Toby Young to prove us wrong.

Young inadvertently highlighted the disgraceful role the PM has played in the scandal over his appointment to the Office for Students board as he announced he was standing down from the post this morning.

In a public resignation letter on the Specator’s website, he personally thanks May for trying to save his skin by defending the indefensible on the Andrew Marr Show this weekend – and who knows what else behind the scenes.

He wrote:

“The caricature drawn of me in the last seven days, particularly on social media, has been unrecognisable to anyone who knows me…

“…I would like to thank the Prime Minister for standing by me, and drawing a distinction between my earlier life and my subsequent record in education.”

How incredible that anyone with Young’s record of misogynistic, homophobic, disabilist and anti-working class outbursts can count the Prime Minister as one of their chief cheerleaders.

Labour’s shadow equalities secretary Dawn Butler sums it up when she says:

“The Toby Young saga has further exposed Theresa May’s total lack of judgement in appointing him and her weakness in refusing to sack him.

“She should have removed him from his post, not personally backed him at the weekend and sent a minister out to defend him in Parliament yesterday.”

Is May capable of sacking anyone anymore? For anything?

MORE: Watch Tory chair of Parliament’s education committee blast Toby Young’s appointment as “badly wrong”

  1. Perhaps this is a precedent on how we can resist the more extreme govt measures. They obviously will react to public opinion.
    And good riddance to TY. No place in public life for his type of misogyny.

  2. We can see clearly we have Prime Minister who leads a party.that has no moral code no forward thinkinh and no regard for other peoples needs. Whether May likes it or not these things are happening on her watch. Perhaps we need to target Toby Young and his constituents. Does any one with any sense of decency want a man like this representing them?

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