Boris Johnson’s latest half-baked bid for attention has been completely discredited in record time.

The Foreign Secretary floated the idea of a bridge across the Channel in a meeting with French president Emmanuel Macron yesterday.

He reportedly told Macron the fact that the two countries are connected only by a railway is “ridiculous” and later alluded to the plan in this tweet:

In a bid to convince people that Brexit really won’t mean blissful isolation for Blighty, Johnson or his aides then reported his bright idea to journalists in the Tory press.

The Telegraph put the plan on their front page which was tweeted out at 10.55pm:

But the bridge of Boris’ dreams had collapsed by 12.24am this morning after an intervention from the arch enemy of all Brexiteers – experts.

The organisation that represents Britain’s shipping companies pointed out a slight problem:

So Boris’ fantasy bridge had collapsed within one hour and 29 minutes.

With a journey on the Eurotunnel taking 35 minutes, you could have got to France and back in that time.

But be warned – that kind of thing hasn’t put Johnson off pursuing bridge projects in the past.

As Mayor of London he pressed ahead with a plan for the Garden Bridge which never materialised but has still cost taxpayers £37.4 million.

Would a zip wire be more practical…

  1. Boris has succeeded in taking the attention away from Macron’s “you can’t have your cake and eat it” statements yesterday. The fawning Brexiters have been duped yet again!

  2. The original “You can’t eat your cake and have it too” makes for better clarity of the message than the modern reversal with the all important ‘too’ left out at the end.

  3. Benedict le Vay says:

    You say Boris’ fantasy bridge had collapsed within one hour and 29 minutes. No it hasn’t collapsed as an engineering concept. You could do it. That you need to take account of shipping – whoopidoo, who’d a thought it, have you ever crossed the Channel? Was that really news to you? There are bridges across just such waterways. I think you mean you want it to have collapsed because you don’t like Boris and the Tories and Brexit. And before you leap to conclusions, neither do I. But this is fake news.

  4. All this does is further demonstrate how out of touch Boris Johnson and ,by extension, the current government are to the needs of the general population.

    The country has a currency considerably weaker due to the confusion of Brexit, suffering from a lack of infrastructure in the north of England and in dire need of funding for vital services such as the NHS, education and police services. The last thing we need is some bizarre vanity project which will create more problems than it solves.

  5. patrick newman says:

    A Boris Channel Bridge – you don’t need a civil engineer – its a psychologist that is needed. Anyway, I am sure there is a technical solution which could be financed by the £350M a week that will be winging its way anytime soon into the UK coffers! The Chunnel is a very green way of getting to the continent but a bridge both in construction and use will not be.

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