We presumed that Toby Young’s defenders would be feeling a little embarrassed this morning after news that he had attended a racist eugenics conference – apparently not.

The London Student newspaper and Private Eye have revealed that Young attended the London Conference on Intelligence, which is run by notorious white supremacists whose academic interests include penis size and skin brightness.

The publication of those stories appears to have been the real reason for Young’s resignation from the Office for Students on Tuesday.

While ministers were willing to defend his history of misogyny and homophobia – and even his on-the-record enthusiasm for progressive eugenics – Young assumed they wouldn’t be able to stomach his links to hardcore racist skull measurers.

But, incredibly, Michael Gove was still willing to defend Young this morning.

Gove told LBC Radio that he had “enormous respect” for Young and that it was a “great shame” that his achievements had been overshadowed.

He concluded: “In judging Toby, I’m inclined to look at the good that he’s done rather than the stupid things he said.”

That interview comes a full 12 hours after the latest revelations about Young broke. They have been dominating social media since then.

Gove urgently needs to clarify whether he was aware of these stories when the interview took place…

  1. Gove: “and I respect Hitler for his autobahn building programme, and Mussolini for making the trains run on time”.
    The best and the brightest of the Tory party.

  2. This government has culled over 120,000 poor, elderly and disabled people.. that sounds like eugenics to me!

  3. The problem for the rest of us is that these fuckers live in a world of their own. Twenty years ago the Tory party would have dropped TY like a hot potato, now these freakshow right-wing “journalists” for the gutter press and worse are all over the cabinet and front benches.

  4. An absolute disgrace. These people really come from the depths of humanity. A nastier more dangerous crowd of complete fools I have yet to come across in my 61yrs alive on this planet. Daily I am astounded by their sheer audacity, greed ignorance, shortsightedness and criminality. As they finish the job of fleecing the people, turning us into capitalistic robots, inhuman with far less decency and kindness , the country is a far poorer place, a lonelier place and not one I want my children to grow old in.

  5. Gove defending Young, stabbing Johnson, talking about ecological issues without any understanding. For me Gove is an opportunist, which could grab anything, which would provide him with some publicity, but I believe Gove does not understand the seriousness of the matter and he should apologies for backing Toby Young or he going to be categorised by the public as similar person.

  6. Chris Kitcher says:

    Isn’t it sad how these Tory shites that originate from working class backgrounds, just as Gove did, are always far more ruthless on their own class. Just consider Thatcher, Major, Duncan-Smith and of course the current piece of shit, Gove, all hating the working class and delight in being brutal towards them.

    Thank fuck I’m not a Tory.

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