The minister at the centre of a row over the NHS on Question Time last night was named in a report exposing Tory MPs’ links – past and present – to private healthcare.

Margot James, who was branded a liar as she clashed with an audience member over claims her party wants to privatise the NHS (watch below), appeared in a “dossier of disgrace” which the Unite union published in 2014.

It detailed “MPs who have previous or current financial links to companies or individuals trying to profit from the sell-off of the NHS.”

All the MPs featured had voted for the 2012 Health and Social Care Act, which resulted in billions of pounds worth of NHS contracts being handed to the private sector.

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said at the time: “From lobbying links to investments and in some cases direct donations, scores of coalition MPs who voted for the NHS sell-off had links to the very private healthcare companies which stood to profit.” 

This is James’ entry in the report:

James provided this response to the report at the time of its publication:

“I resent this smear. I believe strongly in a taxpayer funded National Health Service. The implication that I would support anything else is totally erroneous. I have no links to private healthcare. I have previously been a director of an NHS trust and did not take a salary, despite being entitled to one.”

Thirteen more current government ministers were named, including Jeremy Hunt, Philip Hammond, David Davis, Liam Fox and Amber Rudd.

If, as James claims, people have the ‘wrong idea’ about the Tories, it’s not hard to see why…

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  1. The Tories have hated OUR NHS from the very start, they saw health care as a gravey train for their ggree, so they could make millions out of the sick and dying.

  2. Remember what Aneurin Bevan, who implemented the health service against furious Tory opposition, said about Tories. He called them vermin. I agree.

  3. Christine Buckley says:

    She soon lost her cool on Question time when called a liar!
    Margot James a bare faced , despicable, blatant , corrupt , thieving LIAR!!!

  4. Brian Ó Gallchobhair says:

    The Tories have been against the NHS since its inception just as they have been opposed to every measure to improve the lot of ordinary people – pensions, equal pay, maternity pay, paid holidays, minimum wage etc etc.

  5. All Tories disgust me, they have no shame and no feelings for the plight of the people who are less well off than they are!

  6. If Margot James is telling the truth and the Tories believe in the NHS and are trying to make it successful, they are the most incompetent government in recent memory. More nurses leaving than joining over the past 3 years, 55,000 operations cancelled in January, up to 100,000 people waiting in an ambulance for at least 30 minutes this winter. It is easy to claim that funding is at its highest, with an increasing and ageing population.

    It seems much more likely that this is a government driven to denationalise the service, particularly when you look at 70% of tendered contracts going to private companies in England last year. Not to mention Jeremy Hunt’s co-authoring of ‘Direct Democracy’, which explicitly outlines a vision for the NHS to be replaced with an insurance system.

  7. Steve Marshall says:

    Methinks the ‘lady’ protest’eth too much! Lying Tory vermin. The questioner really touched a nerve, judging by her reaction.

  8. She was destroyed in tory heartland im encouraged that the british people seem to have woken up to whats happening in our nhs

  9. all TORIES lie , they do not no how to tell the truth, they are selling off our NHS and we have to stop them !! We need a mass demo to get them out ! Hope people are waking up to what they are doing! It’s our NHS not Theirs !THIEVING SCUM !!

  10. This Tory government are not fit to be there we are sick and tired of them the lies go on and on JC4PM NOW

  11. In my living memory I cannot think of a singe Tory policy that has sought to benefit not only the sick and the poor but anyone who does not sit at their`top table`. Their entire creed is to steal as much as they can from wherever they can and deal it out to their pals and cronies. Margaret Thatcher I hated every fibre of your evil body… but Margaret, Margaret, did even you realise what you were about to spawn?

  12. Insulting, vicious, hateful! Just some of the adjectives to describe not just a few Tories but a selection of the commentators above, e.g. Christine Buckley, Brenda Dean & Kevin to name a few. Such a pity that they want spout bile, and foment hatred, rather than try to understand an alternative viewpoint.

    A considered proposal on how to improve the NHS would be more useful. Every government in recent times has understood that the NHS is potentially a bottomless pit, and has had to be capped!

  13. Maybe it would save the country & the NHS billions if they introduced some form of income or asset related scheme whereas all but non essential treatment would be charged for to patients with an income of over £80,000 a year. But I suppose that may lead to trusts putting paying patients in front of non paying. But it would be a hot potatoe for Tory voters to accept.

  14. Wax, I bet you didn’t bat an eyelid when lies, libel and scandalmongering appeared in all the national papers, trying to discredit Labour MPs. But if we say that the Tories are adept at avoiding the truth, you are upset! Even you must be able to see the lies – by Teresa May, no less! More firefighters, more doctors, more policemen. She actually says these things, and it is obvious that none of it is true.

  15. They really think we are very gullible or stupid to believe all the lies they spew out . We know that the Tory ethos is economical genocide and that they are only in power to make the rich richer while grinding down the poorer and selling off what is left of OUR NHS to privatisation they can deny it all they like people are waking up at last to the TRUTH.

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