The Guardian has published a rip-roaring story about wealthy landlord who’s trying to get his tenants to pay for fire safety improvements needed to avoid a repeat of the Grenfell tragedy – but they’ve missed one important detail.

It reveals how the owners of a block of flats in Croydon have refused to remove and replace flammable cladding on the building until the tenants stump up the £2 million cost of the work.

That amounts to a charge of £31,300 per flat – more than a year’s salary for many of the tenants who say they are “terrified” about the cladding since Grenfell.

The owner of the block of 93 flats is Proxima GR Properties, which the Guardian points out is “owned by the family trust of the multi-millionaire property mogul Vincent Tchenguiz.”

It notes that Tchenguiz is: “Believed to be worth hundreds of millions of pounds and last year bought a new 165-foot superyacht moored in the Mediterranean called Da Vinci. He is said to own 300,000 freeholds in the UK, including 10 Hilton hotels.” 

On top of all that, Scrapbook can reveal that Tchenguiz is also a Tory donor – he gave the party more than £21,000 before the 2010 general election.

His brother, Robert, has also given the Tories a five figure sum and his sister, Elizabeth, made a donation of £100,000 in 2008.

Here’s the register of the families’ donations from the Electoral Commission:

Presumably that means Vincent Tchenguiz’s contact details are hanging around Tory HQ somewhere.

So Sajid Javid should have no problem in getting in touch to sort out this absolute scandal.

If you’ve got enough money to throw some of it at the Tories, you’ve got enough money to keep your tenants safe…

  1. The landlord should pay. They new what they were doing. Don’t let slime like this slither away from their responsibilities.

  2. Doreen Roddham says:

    That’s what there paying the Tory’s for so they can find away NOT to pay for work that needs doing all corrupt

  3. Tell the slum landlord to pay his own bills.if I was a tenant.i wouldn’t refuse to pay rent until he replaced the fir risk cladding.i find it hard to believe.with all the disruption he think you should foot the bill.he gives decent landlord a bad name.

  4. We live in one of his shithole’s we have to pay for everything .They are raking millions in Greedy bastard’s

  5. Would you please start publishing facts? Tentants do NOT pay for the work, either leaseholding landlords or flat owners will have a clause in their contract for the upkeep of the building. As is the case here. Hope you enjoyed your pathetic spike in traffic for misguiding your readers.

  6. Just because some of the tenants own their flats it doesn’t make them rich people who can afford that kind of money

  7. Next time you meet a Working Class Tory perhaps remind them of this story, what possible reason could he have for donating the money to the Tories?

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