David Lidington picked a bad day to taunt Labour about front bench resignations – one of the Tories’ own ministers has resigned in rather bizarre circumstances.

International Development Minister Lord Bates shocked peers by announcing his resignation on the floor of the House of Lords.

There were shouts of “no” from peers but the visibly upset former MP walked straight out of the chamber:

Bates made the dramatic exit after apologised to a Labour peer for failing to turn up to answer her question on the Tories’ benefits freeze around an hour earlier:

But the peer concerned looked bemused by his announcement and Labour’s leader in the House of Lords, Baroness Smith, said an apology would have sufficed:

It led one commentator to speculate about the real reasons for his resignation:

And this isn’t the first time Bates has resigned from Theresa May’s team.

In March 2016, when May was still Home Secretary, Bates resigned as a minister in her department…in order to do a charity walk across South America.

That’s twice in two years – get the message, Theresa.

Scrapbook applauds the integrity Bates has shown today and urges the rest of them to follow suit…

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