An awkward moment for David Davis at the Brexit committee this morning when part of a speech he gave in 2013 was quoted to him.

MPs raised the Brexit Secretary’s attention to the fact he made the case then for remaining in the Customs Unions if Britain left the EU – which the Government is now adamant is not an option.

This is what he said in a speech, titled “Europe – time to decide”, which can still be found on his website:

Here’s how Davis responded when that rather awkward u-turn was pointed out:

If Davis is allowed to change his mind as the facts change, then so are voters…

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  1. Dr Simon Brown says:

    Facts change and therefore minds can change.
    That is dangerous for a politician who is dogma driven to admit.

  2. The facts haven’t changed one bit! He is just a clueless puppet doing what he thinks he should. He’ll do or say whatever he thinks is appropriate at the time. It’s he who has changed, not the facts!

  3. If Davis can change his mind once perhaps he could change it back again before it’s too late. Even better he could become a remainer.

  4. The fact is that the rules allow us to stop Brexit at any time during the process up to and including the date of leaving. The only stopping a second referendum is political will. The Government know that if they were to agree to another vote it would be political suicide so they won’t agree to it.

  5. Shaun Scannell says:

    It doesn’t even need another referendum. There are around 75 MP’s who are pro Brexit. If the other 550 has the balls to vote the way they believe, BREXIT could be dead next week.

  6. Richard Sweeting says:

    The facts may or may not have changed. What has certainly changed is the information of and about the facts, which was not made available or told truthfully before the referendum. That in itself should have made the referendum null and void. However that is politics and applying that Rule would leave all politicians without a job.

  7. what anonymous? does he/she/it expose him/her/it-self to a population anxious to benefit from such wisdom? does he/she/it exist? that will be a no, then…

  8. A Liar needs a good memory my Nan always said. Truth is he thinks we are all stupid. Truth is that he is a bad liar. Truth is he is the one who is stupid. Truth is he, Liam Fox & others are failed politicians who have been removed from their jobs before for incompetence or worse that May in desperation has dragged back to support her in her faltering efforts to remain PM. It would be laughable if so much was not at stake! It’s a comedy of errors & a tragedy unfolding in front of us in plain Sight & we are seemingly helpless to rid ourselves of these pariahs.

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