After news broke this morning that Carillion has gone into liquidation, a couple of astonishing ironies have emerged.

The collapse of the construction giant has put jobs, pensions and major public contracts at risk.

The Government has also had to start paying the wages of some Carillion staff to ensure public services run by the company continue.

And yet Carillion’s chairman, Philip N Green (pictured above), was apparently the best candidate available to advise Downing Street on corporate responsibility.

He was appointed to the role in 2011 by then PM David Cameron and remained in post until December 2016.

Cameron also gave Green a CBE in 2014 for “services to business” – some two years after Carillion had admitted illegally blacklisting workers.

Green met Theresa May in 2016 to discuss continuing to provide advice on “responsible business” but Number 10 has confirmed he was not re-appointed to the role he held under Cameron.

Her government certainly could have used some advice on responsibility though, as it handed £2 billion worth of public sector contracts AFTER the company issued a profits warnings.

The second incredible detail of this story concerns job losses predicted by Green.

In 2015, the Carillion chairman was among 100 big business chiefs who who signed a letter to the Telegraph which said:

“We believe this Conservative-led Government has been good for business and has pursued policies which have supported investment and job creation…

“…We believe a change in course will threaten jobs and deter investment.”

The Telgraph turned it into a front page attack on the Labour party:

The irony won’t be lost on the 20,000 Carillion workers whose livelihoods now hang in the balance…

  1. Whatever happens to Carillions 20,000 + employees , the fat cat PHILLIP GREEN will without a shread of a doubt ,be left an extremely rich man , complete with his mega generous pension pot . The is zero justice with these people – disgusting doesn’t cover it !

  2. 20,000 jobs to go 20,000 people to sign on at the unemployment offices, but how will this be done, because according to the tory slimmy basteds there are no unemployed people.
    20,000 zero contracts to come their way.

  3. Bunch of T May band of 40 plus thieves and robbers not counting the rest.bting this country to its knees. Need outing of office.and let carrillion go burst.

  4. Carillion is just an indicator, this cancer runs deep and is widespread, it is so rampant that they gang together and openly threaten the UK. What we are seeing now is the reality behind the Big Bang (“animal spirits”) and governmental collusion in raking taxpayer funds.

  5. WORDS FAIL ME – ONCE AGAIN WE WILL ALL BE PAYING FOR THE OLD BOY’S NETWORK, the Employees, the Pensioners, the tax payers, always the same the cost of their inefficiency and deceit will be heaped on the poorest people who do not have the power to fight it. JUST SICKENING.

  6. How long will it take for ordinary voters to realise that the the Conservatives WANT working people shafted???

  7. another feeding frenzie feed the greed till nothings left this corruption starts right at the top off hideing ther tracks in monaco

  8. Kate Varnfield says:

    Why are companies allowed to steal from pension pots, why is this not made illegal? How can a failing business be awarded such lucrative Government contracts without checking that they are in a position to fulfill those contracts. Why are there no company assets to off set such huge debt. Who is the overseeing regulator to ensure these companies are up to the task of not defaulting and putting people out of work with no protection.
    Those responsible should be held to account and maybe their pension pots should also disappear. Now that would be a valuable lesson learned.

  9. Who runs this country? The government or multinational companies? Cancel the contracts. Employ the existing sub contractors who do the work anyway and reclaim the massive bonuses paid to Carillion directors. Simples

  10. Until these fat cats are personally held responsible,things will never change.
    They should be made to repay what they have effectively stolen by covering up losses etc.

  11. Unfortunately these CEO`s Will disappear with their millions in bonuse`s, in tax payer’s money thanks to this government, and reappear at a later date CEO of something else that will pay big bucks. The old boys network is still alive and kicking.

  12. Absolutely disgraceful lying propaganda. he still gets paid while Maybe goes to the magic money which we all end up paying for. ..

  13. Anne McGinley says:

    Devious and arrogant behaviour from a bunch of chancers who call themselves a Government. This was not accidental… Public enquiry immediately.

  14. The law should strip them of all their assets, who ever’s name its in plus they should serve a jail sentence for theft of people’s pensions. Problem no one has the balls to tackle this greed, cause all these so called bigwigs are in it upto their necks, including the conservative party. It could be upto PEOPLE POWER

  15. When will it become illegal to steal the money from pension funds. Steal millions that’s ok. Make a mistake and claim a few £ pension credit and you go to jail. Why do government allow it, I will leave that up to you to decide.

  16. Where is the 1.6bn?
    The subcontractirs have done the work. So wheres the cash to pay them.
    Ripped out by executive pay snd backhanders!

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