After a week of revelations about Ben Bradley’s beliefs courtesy of his old blogs, some expenses claims made by the Tory MP caught our eye.

Bradley spent £398.50 on equipment for his new office after being elected in May – more than half of it on shredders.

On July 12, he bought one for £32.39:

A week later, he bought another one for the same price:

And he splashed out on what must be a whopper costing almost £150:

That’s a lot of shredding capacity by anybody’s standards.

What does he need it for? As always, the answer lies in one of his old blogs.

Bradley gives his readers a bit of advice in a post about surveillance, which concludes:

“It can’t be too far out to assume that we are also under the microscope. Shred your cereal boxes and hide your dirty underwear; you never know who might be keeping tabs.”

It wasn’t your breakfast preferences you needed to worry about, Ben…

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  1. Isn’t it usual for those to the right end of the political spectrum to state that the innocent have nothing to fear and only the guilty need to panic and buy shredding machines?

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