There’s been lots of attention given to Ben Bradley’s writing on politics this week, but much of the content of his now deleted blogs was dedicated to sport.

One of the articles reviewed the 2010 World Cup semi-final between Spain and Germany.

Bradley had clearly watched the match on the BBC, whose studio pundits included former Liverpool and Scotland footballer Alan Hansen (pictured above).

With the score 0-0 at half-time, he wrote: “It’s been pretty damn boring though hasn’t it!”

The match itself was so dull in his opinion that, he added:

“My highlight so far is Alan Hansen talking about ‘Pujol,’ who definately (sic) isn’t playing. Scottish people should not be trusted to with (sic) big jobs like saying foreign words!”

Given that Bradley berates a whole nation’s foreign language skills, it’s ironic how many errors he’s managed to make – in English – over two sentences.

The Mansfield MP’s blog has been deleted after separate posts endorsing police brutality came to light, but here’s a screenshot:

You can watch the pronunciation which Bradley has a problem with 20 seconds into this clip:

His comments aren’t going to go down well with Scottish languages enthusiast, Michael Gove, or the SNP’s German speaking deputy leader, Angus Robertson.

Bradley should do the right thing – record a video apology to Hansen in a foreign language of his choice.

We await a pronunciation masterclass…

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  1. MP for Mansfield…A former mining town…But like a lot of scab Nottinghamshire mining towns – they vote tory.

    And this gobshite’s the result.

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