Ben Bradley hastily deleted his blogs when his comments about vasectomies for the poor came to light, but some of his posts have been archived.

They include two articles he wrote during and after the 2011 London riots, which started after Mark Duggan was shot by police.

Three days after the unrest began, Bradley published an article which began: “Why is our country populated by morons?” 

He argued that the riots were not politically motivated, but was being used an excuse for looting and violence by “teenagers with no real clue as to how the economic or political system functions.”

The new Tory vice chair concluded with a bit of advice for the Government:

“I hope that David Cameron and his COBRA colleagues decide to take strong action this morning and put a stop to this violence. How many people need to lose their homes and businesses before we do something to stop it? We need to come down hard on these morons before somebody gets killed! If we have any sense as a nation we’ll stay home tonight and make it easy for the police to find the ones hanging around town centres with their faces covered. For once I think police brutality should be encouraged!”

A week later, ‘bradders32’ followed up with another post about the police’s reluctance to take his advice. He wrote:

“Is it really any wonder that the police don’t fancy going in all guns blazing and taking serious action against the rioters when the last officer who even pushed a member of the public is due in court in September charged with manslaughter!”

Bradley was making reference to death of Ian Tomlison earlier that year.

The newspaper seller suffered an abdominal haemorrhage after being thrown to the floor by a riot police officer while trying to make his way out of G20 protests in central London.

Giving his verdict on the tragedy, Bradley wrote:

“The government and the judicial system need to stand behind the police and make it clear that they will get the backing they need in such events. If Ian Tomlinson was told by riot police to stop and move away and he didn’t do so, then surely the police have every right to assume that he’s planning something; surely they have every right to treat him as suspicious for their own safety? It’s all well and good the government and the public saying he shouldn’t have been pushed but they weren’t there on the ground having to make the split second decision.”

The Met police concluded that “excessive and unlawful” force was used against Tomlison and the officer concerned was found guilty of gross misconduct and dismissed from the service.

Bradley concluded the article by writing:

“People have complained this week about taking advice from the US with regards policing, but at least in the US the ‘cops’ feel comfortable that they can take action to prevent such things as last weekend. 

“If the police are seemingly ‘inactive’, then it’s our fault for making them that way!!”

A staggering 987 people were shot and killed by the police in the US in 2017.

Let’s hope that rules him out of a promotion to the Home Office…

  1. If only I could say, unbelievable, but fascist tories are showing their true selves with total disregard to the people. Their leader constantly lies and sets no standards of decency, morality and humanity. She (May) has no self respect, and therefore is incapable of commanding self respect and decency from her party.

  2. Graham Croucher says:

    This is astonishing! Surely May and Co must be aware of these comments, which really amount to this piece of filth, calling for, and encouraging the police to gun us down in the streets, or assault someone, like Ian Tomlinson, who we all saw had his hands in his pockets, with his back turned, when he was violently pushed from behind, dying as a direct result of that unwarranted assault! Ian Tomlinson was not part of any protest he was quite old, and worked in the area as a newspaper vendor, simply trying to make his way and being stopped from doing so by the police kettling everyone in the area, including this bystander.

  3. All the people who live in my area and voted for Ben Bradley (over another perfectly decent man who is passionate about his town and is not a career politician) are as thick as pigshit!

  4. MP for Mansfield – scab town that votes tory – so hardly surprising he endorses plod brutality; the sh*thouse isn’t capable of anything ‘physical’ himself.

    As for morons, he only needs look at those what vote for him, and those infesting the government….as well as a look in the mirror.

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