The Wikipedia entry of the Tory MP tipped to be made Health Secretary has been undergoing surgery this morning.

Education Minister Anne Milton is expected to replace Jeremy Hunt in today’s government reshuffle if the current Health Secretary is made deputy PM.

Milton’s candidacy has gained widespread support on account of her experience on the frontline of the NHS as a district nurse, with the Mirror backing her in a recent editorial.

But the potential appointment has also attracted criticism because of her husband’s link to Virgin Care, Richard Branson’s private healthcare firm which recently sued the NHS.

Milton’s Wikipedia page states that her husband, Dr Graham Henderson:

Holds a high level position with Virgin Healthcare.”

Well, it did until this morning when a change was made to the entry from a computer in Parliament. It now says that he:

Previously served as a director of Virgin Healthcare.”

Here’s the record of the change on Wikipedia:

We know that the change was made from a computer at Westminster because it appeared on the Parliament WikiEdits Twitter account, which automatically alerts followers to edits made from Parliamentary IP addresses:

Perhaps Dr Henderson has resigned ahead of the reshuffle in order to limit any criticism of his wife’s appointment?

If that is the case then he might want to get round to editing his Linked In page next, which, at time of writing, still listed him as a ‘medical director’ for Virgin Healthcare:

Nothing to see here…

Update: Milton’s page has been edited again to reverse the change but from a different account outside Parliament. Let’s wait and see.

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  1. Glad to know the tory hypocrites are gong to benefit from turning the clock back. poor Laws next i wonder!

  2. Once again evidence of the devious and dishonest machinations of the Tory Party to cover up their trough contaminated snouts.

  3. A former nurse will be instrumental in destroying the NHS? Absolute disgrace, she should be ashamed and not even try to put a spin on the disgusting Tory policies

  4. Her appointment as health secretary is as dubious as Toby Young’s appointment as university minister. More evidence that this govt is corrupt.

  5. You should be aware that “Virgin Healthcare (VH) Doctors” is a different organisation to the Virgin Care Ltd that sued the NHS.

    Also a “medical director” is a job title not a member of the board of management.

  6. Davidthehornet says:

    No surprise there, then! Plenty say ‘sorry’ but none of them take any action to reflect what they really mean.

  7. Steve Taylor says:

    Just as shocking is Jeremy Cu*t as Deputy PM this is worse than politics in the USA and certainly as devious and wrong

  8. In any other country it would be called corruption. Why not in the UK? – oh no, that’s just a normal day in politics.

  9. Well poor old Anne didn’t get the job because Jeremy refused to leave it! I’m sorry? Refused?! Just who is in charge here Theresa May?

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