Donald Trump is trying to provoke a nuclear war, two dozen protesters have been killed in Iran and Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is still behind bars, but our Foreign Secretary’s only public utterance so far today has been about Toby Young.

Boris Johnson threw his weight behind the controversial decision to appoint Young to the board of the universities regulator, writing:

Hardly surprising given Johnson once gave Young a job on the Spectator magazine and the latest appointment  was made by his brother, Universities Minister Jo Johnson.

But caustic wit? Is this the kind of thing he means…

As Toby Young himself might say: What a pair of tits…

  1. Seems like a real ‘dick’
    Can’t imagine where Theresa May’s head is firmly lodged

    Boris – how these people get paid beggars belief

  2. Few need a non con government in place! Fast. The comments from Toby Young are utterly disgusting . Actually they are disgusting.

  3. Unbelievable, in any just world, these two sniggering schoolboys would be disciplined for offensive behaviour….. But then again, they’d both probably enjoy that, given their backgrounds!!!! What a pair of tits indeed!!!!!!

  4. Jane Cookdale says:

    This is 2018. Why does anyone in any public office think it is acceptable to write about women in this way. The man should not have been given the position and Johnson should not be endorsing him. Johnson Senior should be ashamed of his sons. How do their refer to their sister? Sack them all.

  5. Pauline Thomas says:

    Appalled but not really surprised that Mayhem thinks this prat is good enough for her government, then again looking at her government she’s probably correct. He’ll fit right in.

  6. This hideous individual does not deserve any part in government, let alone our educaction system. Are the tories determined to destroy everything that is good in our country? I cannot think of any other reason why this man has so inappropriately selected.

  7. Jane Williams says:

    Is there no OFsted for this behaviour? What would any of his educational leaders do if pupils behaved like this ? Refer miscreant to a mental health team? Bring in the parents? What an embarrassment he is but he’s in ‘good’ company. Dreadful undignified man!

  8. Small penis syndrome. He probably also owns a shiny red sports car!
    What a deep respect he clearly has for women! He should fit in with the likes of the nasty (Tory) party very well. Misogynistic twat!

  9. This is simply not appropriate… what forum do we have to formally protest… Not what you’d expect from a government appointed watchdog for universities (or whatever he was appointed for), certainly not what you would expect from a so-called Foreign Secretary… Britain is a complete laughing stock.

  10. An unfit individual appointed by an unfit to govern god mentally. How have we come to this low level?

  11. What a disgusting vile individual should not hold office in anything to do with women and children, as for Boris Johnson what else can we expect. There is a saying “Show me your friends and I will tell you what you are” No explanation required Sack the pair of them.

  12. When will the people of this country wake up and get rid of this god awful disgusting government. They don’t deserve the time of day. It’s time for a just and moral leadership who cares for the hard working and diverse population of our once great kingdom.
    Sack them all !!!

  13. Say him and then sack Boris for backing him. Don’t need a foreign minister with such a bad moral compass and so little ethics to this k it acceptable or wit of any kind.

  14. This might be deemed appropriate 13 year old boys’ dormitory or locker room humour, but I doubt it. It is certainly not appropriate for the office of a government appointed watchdog. It is sexist, derogatory and disrespectful ! Get rid – he is a disgrace as is anyone who believes otherwise.

  15. Gegenbeispiel says:

    Don’t miss the point.

    These reactionaries want to bring democratic government into disrepute by conduct as bad or worse (if the latter can be imagined) as that of for-profit private-sector CEOs. That way, the welfare state can discredited and dismantled and what’s left of government functions (including things like the judiciary) contracted to the most corrupt bidder. It’s the dream of Ayn Rand and the “libertarians”.

  16. Seems perfect fodder to be head hunted by the President of vile….Donald could use him as a grope double.
    As for the other twatmeister he should give the sauce and white pepper a break in daylight hours.

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