Tory MP Bernard Jenkin was on the Today programme this morning pontificating about the Irish border issue caused by his hard Brexit fantasy.

Jenkin quoted discredited figures about trade between the Republic of Ireland and Nothern Ireland and then did his bit for diplomacy by accusing the Dublin government of being “played like a harp” by the EU.

Here’s what happened the last time he sounded off about Ireland on Sky News earlier this week:

Attentive viewers will have noted that Jenkin made a record three mistakes in the space of one sentence:

  • Northern Ireland does not and has never has a Taoiseach
  • The name he was looking for was Enda Kenny not Enda Kelly
  • Kenny and Bertie Ahern were are former Taoiseach of the Republic of Ireland

Jenkin didn’t just make a slip of the tongue, he wrongly suggested Kenny and Ahern were former PM’s of Northern Ireland not once but twice.

His comments didn’t go down well in Ireland where one news website report was headlined:

“Gobshite British MP Shows How Little He Knows About Irish Politics”

It came only days after fellow Brexiteer Tory Iain Duncan Smith suggested the Irish were playing hardball in negotiations because of upcoming “presidential elections”.

Are they secretly trying to convince the Irish they need a hard border?

  1. Duncan smith is one of the two stupidest MPs in the House of Commons : the other being Grayling. Why pay attention to anything he says?

  2. This man another self styled expert Where are the real British people there not stupid their more aware than the leaders The Tories don’t care about the ordinary people

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