Laughable – that’s what Americans think of Theresa May’s response to Donald Trump’s retweeting of Britain First this week.

How do we know? Because the PM’s half-hearted condemnation was the subject of much piss taking on NBC’s hugely popular Saturday Night Show.

The hugely popular comedy show featured a sketch in which an authentically robotic May – as played by Ghostbusters star Kate McKinnon – boasts ironically of her “epic takedown” of Trump.

When news broke of Trump’s tweets on Wednesday, a spokesman for May said diplomatically: “It is wrong for the President to have done this.”

A day later the Maybot herself repeated: “I am very clear that retweeting Britain First was the wrong thing to do”.

Here’s what the right-thinking half of American made of that response:

Nobody wants a British version of Trump but it would be useful to have a PM who sounds like they mean it when rebuking someone for sharing fascist propaganda.

Time for a strong message here…

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