In fairness to David Davis, he told us his department’s Brexit impact assessments were “excruciating” and he was right.

The 39 ‘sectoral analyses’ (Davis previously said there were as many as 60) published today after a long battle are indeed excruciating – in their lack of insight or analysis.

The contents are mostly copied and pasted facts which could be found on Wikipedia or statements of the bleedin’ obvious.

We’ve compiled the most laughable bits of what Davis described as a ‘comprehensive picture of our economy’ so you don’t have to bother reading them yourselves.

Just try to remember these were written to educate the man in charge of Brexit…

On electricity…

“Electricity is a fundamental part of modern society. Residential and industrial users rely on its use to ensure basic and vital needs such as lighting, heating or refrigeration are met on a daily basis.”

On tourism…

“Tourism is defined as the goods and services purchased by someone ‘travelling outside their usual environment’…”

On space…

“Space is a global industry…”

On universities…

“In the HE sector, the size of a provider is usually based on the size of its student population, as it is considered more relevant than employee numbers…However, the size of a business is usually defined by the number of employees.”

On construction…

“The UK construction products industry is a broad and complex manufacturing industry covering items such as bricks, cement, sand and concrete and can also be considered to include products such as paints, ceramic fittings, cast steel etc.”

On the history of cars…

“Mass vehicle production in the 1950s was dominated by US.”

On fishing…

“There is a concentration of activity in coastal towns.”

On banks…

“Most firms have headquarters based in London, but banks and banking services are found all over the UK, largely in proportion to population density.”

And scariest of all, on trade…

“Free-trade Agreements (FTA) are agreements between states…”

Let’s pray he knew that last one.

Think it’s safe to say Davis tried to keep these a secret because they’re excruciatingly embarrassing rather than commercially sensitive…

If you can find any funnier bits please feel free to post them below or send them to us on Twitter or Facebook.

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  1. Kenneth Stubbs says:

    this is all bs. Its just like they trying to avoid what they really say by cobbling extracts from Wikipedia and presenting it as sectoral analysis. Embarrasing yes, but really, True – I think not.
    (If an under 11 did this as homework they would get detention).
    So the taxpayer pays to get this sort of rubbish, methinks someone needs firing asap, starting with David Davis

  2. On Racism:

    There is a concentration of activity in England and Wales. This is largely disproportionate to the number of immigrants actually there but this doesn’t seem to matter in the slightest to the fools.

  3. NO analysis that I can see and surely the effects of leaving the EU would be at least narginally relevant.

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