Theresa’s gonna need a bigger bung!

In desperation to move Brexit negotiations onto trade, the PM has reportedly agreed that Northern Ireland can have ‘regulatory alignment’ with the Republic of Ireland in order to avoid the need to reestablish a border.

That’s bureaucrat speak for saying Northern Ireland is effectively going to remain part of the single market and customs union.

One of May’s aides told the senior political correspondent of Sky News that the DUP were “on board” with the solution:

Here’s what DUP leader Arlene Foster had to say about that: “Northern Ireland must leave the EU on the same terms as the rest of the UK, we will not accept any form of regulatory divergence”.

Doesn’t seem like they’re very “on board”, Theresa.

Politics Home editor Kevin Schofield had this scathing verdict on the Tories’ spin:

Understandably, Rigby tried to defence her source, saying it is a “very fluid situation”:

But we’re not sure how Downing Street has misinterpreted the DUP position for even a moment – here’s what DUP MP Sammy Wilson said last week:

“If there is any hint that, in order to placate Dublin and the EU they’re prepared to have Northern Ireland treated differently than the rest of the UK, then they [the Government] can’t rely on our vote.”

Looks like we can add that £1.5 billion to the Brexit bill then.

Rigby can take solace from entering a very elite group of people who have been given false assurances about the DUP’s support:

Arlene should have a word with Theresa: Never, never, never, never do it again…

  1. Just shows how she will lie to and backstab even her friends. Seems to me that the Tories implementing Brexit will bankrupt the UK.

  2. That’s a lie the Government knew the DUP were never onboard with this, May went ahead knowing she would use the DUP as a scapegoat.

  3. Tories are a puppet of the DUP And the DUP knows they have them over a barrel. More money from the magic money tree? can we really afford to keep this inept government or is it time to ditch and switch?

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