If parts of the Brexit impact assessments published yesterday read a lot like they’d been lifted from the internet, that’s because they had been – and we can prove it.

We reported yesterday on the embarrassing simplicity of the documents David Davis once described as “excruciating detailed”.

MPs and campaigners suggested there could only be one explanation – parts of the reports had been plagarised from Wikipedia:

Suspicions were raised by the inclusion of blindingly obvious observations such as: “Free-trade Agreements (FTA) are agreements between states…”

Now those suspicions have been proved correct.

Scrapbook has found evidence that at least one passage in the reports also appears on Wikipedia.

After we published our story on the reports yesterday, a reader ran one of the documents through anti-plagiarism software and sent us the results.

It flagged up this passage from the report on ‘Oil and Fossil Fuel Production’:

Now compare and contrast that with this entry on Wikipedia about free trade areas:

It appears Brexit negotiations are being run by a first year undergraduate student…

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  1. At the end of term, take his Gold Stars away for cheating! If he’s got any!
    Anyway, who is this, miss Wiki Pedia?

  2. I find it unbelievable that Damian Green has been – allegedly – sacked for lying, but davis, who has lied, and in admitting it has told us how incompetent he is, and now compounds that offence, is still in office. But in an age where something like trump can behave as he does I suppose it’s becoming the new normal. (OK, so us presidents are all but irremovable; that just makes it worse.)

  3. “part of Brexit impact assessment was actually copied and pasted from Wikipedia” ….. Does anyone have independent verification – that it’s not the other way round?

  4. Christopher Evans says:

    Green was sacked for lying when the action he was both lawful and relatively trivial. Davis has lied in a matter that affects the whole UK and EU, yet is allowed to stay. That brings the whole of Parliament into disgrace.

  5. JP Gruntfuttock says:

    It should be a crime to deliberately try to damage the country and the economy. May and Davis should be in jail, not in government.

  6. I think you mean a first year A level student. If got caught copying my work from Wikipedia I’d be looking at the least a failed assignment, at worse expulsion from University.

  7. @Tigger: you can click “View History” at the top of a Wikipedia article to see older versions of it. This sentence has been there for years

  8. One of the first things we were told at university was not to source information from Wikipedia as it was not reliable, and therefore would not be considered a credible source from which to reference. If we used it, we were told, we would fail that assignment!!!!

  9. Me sorry me alwers was in the bum remydial klass at school nefer qiet got speling an’at me am a puker cook but no nuffin bout poleurtics i dunno why me thought leave the ukipper man at my gaff sayd it werre wot to do innit

  10. Ich bin im Moment in Norwich.Und hör mich um wegen den Breit, die Meisten wolln nur raus gegal was es kostet.Ich Frage mich auch warum bei uns die Lebensmittel um die Hälfte teurer sind wie in hier.Die Menschen hier sind zufriedener wie bei uns.

  11. @Sonja Sayer, aus Putins Trollfabrik oder warum das schlechte Deutsch? Der Pfund steht aktuell so schlecht wie zuletzt bei der Bankenkrise. Die Lebensmittelpreise steigen stark in GB (Toblerone nur noch mit halb so vielen Zacken). Der Preis des Exits aus der anscheinend so fiesen EU wird sich in den nächsten Jahren noch stärker bemerkbar machen. Dafür mehr Hass gegenüber Ausländern. Also, nur raus aus der EU, egal was es kostet?

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