A magic moment on Question Times last night as Tory minister Sam Gyimah inadvertently – we assume – quoted a line from Harry Potter while arguing against a state visit for Lord Voldermo…er, Donald Trump.

Gyimah showed Gryffindor qualities as he broke with the official government line on Trump’s visit, saying he was “deeply uncomfortable” with the prospect.

And he said: “It takes great bravery to stand up to your enemies. It takes even more bravery to stand up to your friends”.

A good line.

And one Twitter user David Slocombe sugests viewers might have heard it before:

Now let’s see if Gyimah can break the spell stopping Liam Fox and Michael Gove criticising Trump…

  1. I’d rather he quoted Dumbledore than Thatcher. Dumbledore has done more good for the British economy than Thatcher – FACT!

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