After being given the boot by LBC for calling for a “final solution” and let go by Mail Online because she was costing them so much money in damages, Katie Hopkins is on the look out for work.

But just how low is she willing to go to make a few quid and stay in the spotlight? Heydon Prowse, star of the BBC’s The Revolution Will be Televised, decided to find out.

The renowned political prankster called Hopkins with a unique proposition: judging a beauty pageant with a racist twist. Here’s what happened:

So to recap, that’s Katie Hopkins agreeing to judge skull shapes and ancestry with former KKK grand wizard David Duke and holocaust denier David Irving.

Also available for Christmas pantos…

  1. hopkins is what you call a desperate and an intellectual racist….ie espouses and supports racist speech and actions…as this phone call has proven…she is so desperate she will be part of anything racist ,,,bigoted…she has put her name down to judge alongside the worlds best racists…..the only other character missing is Farage

  2. Is a real Fascist an Intelectual??
    That is new to me…….
    It might sounds racist my idea about modern racist nazi and fascist persons but that waste of space type of woman is not at all an intelectual, she is rather a nusty piece of nazivwork.She could had easyly execute a few million Jews in Auswitz during WW2..shuting them in the head with a gun.


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