It was only a matter of time before David Davis’ contempt for detail caught up with him.

In the latest of a long line of gaffes, the Brexit Secretary caused a diplomatic crisis on Sunday by declaring the Brexit deal a mere “statement of intent”.

He tried to blame the Times newspaper yesterday, claiming they had “twisted” his words – but the EU side aren’t buying his excuse.

Today, five groups in the European Parliament tabled an amendment to their motion on Brexit talks which singles Davis’ comments out, saying they “risk to undermine the good faith that has been built during negotiations”.

Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliament’s chief Brexit negotiator, called Davis’ comments an “own goal” for Britain. He said:

“In our opinion that is really undermining the trust that is necessary in such negotiations…I have seen a hardening of the position by the Council and there will be a hardening of position by the Parliament.” 

Manfred Weber, the leader of the European Parliament’s largest group, said:

“What we have heard from London in the last days and hours is exactly the opposite of what I would say is building up trust…Now we hear from London that everything is only paper. 

“…The Government in the UK doesn’t seem to have a clear line. We have from Mr Davis and we hear from Mrs May and it’s not clear whom we should trust.” 

And the strongest language came from Green group co-leader Philipe Lamberts, a member of the Parliament’s Brexit steering committee. He said:

“How can Britain be taken seriously globally if it behaves like a gangster in its international relationships. If you give a political commitment and then say ‘well, that was just for theatre’, then of course you cannot be taken seriously.

“I think we built up a degree of trust between the EU 27 and the British Government and the kind of declaration that David Davis has made is undermining that trust.”

It’s pretty clear Davis’ attempt to get a deal by playing the likeable fool isn’t impressing anyone in Brussels.

Maybe it’s time to send someone ‘clever’…

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  1. Davis has proved time and time again that he Is a liar through and through and a liar can never ever be trusted. He is deliberately damaging the Phase 1 Agreement and the E U need to be more careful in their dealings with this liar

  2. Basically he is just too thick and too arrogant to do the job. He should be sacked if he studpidly refuses to resign.

  3. You can watch a thief but not s liar Send his Labour opposite number we might get by then — all the Tories seem to do is lie time amd time again!!

  4. Mr Davis has publicly admitted he is a liar. Our lives and those of our children and grandchildren – at least – are in those, untrustworthy, dirty hands. He is arrogant and stupid, and advertises the fact that the UK will renege on any deal it makes, anywhere in the world. I am ashamed.

  5. A. Christensen says:

    How can someone who is now a national embarrassment be doing his job? Was there nobody clever available?

  6. The arrogance of the man is hard to believe. But I also want us to remember that it was a May who appointed him and it was May who appointed Boris Johnson. The problem is that the citizens of the UK are blind to the consequences and David and the rest -liars and fools that they are – are backed by almost all of the British Newspapers.

  7. Thick as mince seems to be about right for this charlatan. I smell a rat though – the hard Brexiters in the Tory party want us to leave without a deal.

  8. They’re all lying corrupt bast#### Time to go to the EU cap in hand, and admit, we’ve been led up shit creek without a paddle! Can we withdraw article 50 please?

  9. What a load of gutless. spineless EUphiles you are. Get of your knees for God’s sake!

    If you think Verhofstadt is the solution to your problem – then you really do have problems!

  10. We are where we are and need to make the best deal possible for the country’s future – not just a monied elite. Better a “gutless, spineless Euphile” than believing in this lying buffoon, along with those gurning embeciles Johnson and Farage.

  11. Why is this fucking idiot still in his position? He is making sure that the UK is destitute after his hopeless antics.

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