David Davis made an astonishing admission this morning about the Brexit impact assessments he once said went into “excruciating detail”.

He told Parliament’s Brexit Select Committee that, well, erm…they don’t actually exist:

That’s not quite what he’s told MPs and the public on at least six previous occasions…

September 13, 2016 – Foreign Affairs Select Committee

Asked what the newly formed Department for Exiting the European Union is doing, Davies replies:

“A variety of things. First, there is the sectoral analysis: they are working through about 50 cross-cutting sectors—what is going to happen to them, what the problems of those industrial groups are, and so on.”

October 20, 2016 – House of Commons

Asked what assessment his department has made of Brexit’s impact on the economy, Davis answers:

“We currently have in place an assessment of 51 sectors of the economy. We are looking at those one by one.”

December 1, 2016 – House of Commons

Asked what steps the Government is taking to prepare for the triggering of Article 50, Davis said:

“At home, we are carrying out an extensive programme of sectoral analysis on the key factors that affect our negotiations with the European Union.”

December 14, 2016 – Brexit Select Committee

Asked about the Government’s preparations for Brexit negotiations, Davis said:

“We are in the midst of carrying out about 57 sets of analyses, each of which has implications for individual parts of 85% of the economy.

“…We are taking our time to get prepared on all fronts. That is why our 57 studies cover 85% of the economy—everything except sectors that are not affected by international trade.” 

February 2, 2017 – House of Commons

In a statement to the House on the Government’s white paper on Brexit, Davis said:

“We continue to analyse the impact of our exit across the breadth of the UK economy, covering more than 50 sectors —I think it was 58 at the last count—to shape our negotiating position.”

June 25, 2017 – Andrew Marr Show:

“In my job, I don’t think out loud and I don’t make guesses – you try to make decisions. You make those based on the data. That data is being gathered – we’ve got 50, nearly 60, sectoral analysis already done”.

There’s quite a big gap between what Davis has been telling us for the past year and what he said today.

There’s a word for that…

  1. Craig Hendrie says:

    No matter what spin he puts on this he is at least a six time proven lier. Can’t believe he is in Government let alone allowed to remain after lying to the Public and the House. How much do we pay him to lie to us on a regular basis?

  2. So –
    “Let me be absolutely clear in my job, I don’t think out loud and I don’t make guesses – you try to make decisions. You make those based on the data. That data is being gathered – we’ve got 50, nearly 60, sectoral analyses already done”. June 2017

    “No sectoral analyses whatsoever have been done” Dec 2017

    David Davis has made it absolutely clear that he is in contempt of Parliament and has blatantly lied to the whole country. The Prime Minister must know that no analyses have been done. If she doesn’t then she has no idea what is happening in her government. Disgraceful

  3. Terry auckland says:

    I think they exist. It’s just that the Government don’t want us to see how dire their predictions are.

  4. Linda Daniels says:

    Who is accountable for this corrupt Government ?? , misled , lied to, let down , stressed out .
    This Government is the worst ever, there is no democracy ! no shame ! no care ,
    May has let this country down so badly, she is aware as are all the cabinet of the lies, collusion, off shore accounts.
    Davies has lied, bumbled, mumbled, giggled his way through parliament and The EU Negotiations !! Has he no shame ? he has our futures in his rotten hands.
    Shame on all MPs who are letting this happen without standing up and being counted .
    Appalling the dam lot bar a few .

  5. “151.7 billion down to 51.7 billion”

    I often wonder whether politicians such as this individual could define what ‘a billion’ actually is (in Britain, a million million). Is this the one to which he refers? I doubt it, but does he know? And if he doesn’t, would he care? I doubt it! It all sounds so considered, so sincere. And that’s what matters after all.

    How much do 10,000 policemen cost? Depends on who’s doing the asking.

    How much is the f**kin’ fish?

    As DD would say: “Ha ha”

  6. In former times he wd be strung up for this. He and the rest of the Tories certainly deserve to be put in the stocks for a week until all the country’s rotten eggs and tomatoes are piled up around them, then they need to spend a considerable period at Her Majesty’s pleasure to reflect on this monumental f**k up. Get out of power.

  7. He has assumed that somebody had carried out the exercise. What has he been doing other than taking his salary? .He has not been doing his job, therefore he should be thrown out.

  8. Davis is incompetenr,arrogant and a proven liar. Yet he does not appear concerned that there will be any consequences. Why is that? All those who defend Brexit because of democracy and sovereignty need to ask themselves why their Brexit government has such contempt for Parliament and us.

  9. Yeah, I’m pretty sure they do exist. They just don’t want to be forced to show them because they all paint a bleak picture.

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