Anna Soubry has said Damian Green should leave the Government while an allegation that he sexually harassed a young Tory activist is investigated.

The Tory MP told Sky News that, if she were Prime Minister, she would tell the Deputy PM to “remove yourself” from the position until the investigation is concluded.

She was speaking after Kate Maltby, an academic involved in the Tory party, wrote an article for the Times in which she accused Green of sexual harassment.

Maltby alleges that the 61 year old Cabinet minister made unwanted sexual advances, including putting his hand on her knee and sending a suggestive text message. Green has said the allegations are “completely false”.

Soubry, a former criminal barrister, said of the allegation: “It looks like a pattern of behaviour. It’s difficult to believe it would be the first time.”



Her comments will add to the pressure mounting on Theresa May to sack Green, as well as remove the Tory whip from Stephen Crabb after he admitted sending sexually explicit messages to a 19 year old woman who applied for a job in his office.

Labour is also facing questions over its handling of sexual harassment after activist Bex Bailey alleged that she had been raped at a party event in 2011.

When she reported the incident, she was told by a senior party official that pursuing an official complaint could “damage” her.

Labour MP Jess Philips told Sky News: “I don’t wish to play politics with this because all parties are guilty.”

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  1. He was next to the GOD MAY now what is she going to do now, what does his wife think of what he’s done dirty BASTARD TORY TWAT just like the rest of the government

  2. Labour MP Jess Philips told Sky News: “I don’t wish to play politics with this because all parties are guilty.”

    When in reality she meant: “I can’t calumniate Corbyn for this because it appears most of my tory friends are the ones in the frame”

  3. Philip Woodfield says:

    Sourbury says Terrorisa Mayhem may be ready to take this to the next level is that the scrap heap or, hell she has no power and no options, Her ministers & MPs are literally bums on seats. She paid a billion plus to get 8 bums to vote, if she starts sacking em now she’s well and truly plucked

  4. I am in my seventies now but when I was a girl it was well known that the Tories lost out because of their sexploits and Labour lost out because of financial misbehavior I rather suspect that the main problem comes from the education for entitlement that Public schools engage in.

  5. Does anybody think the Queen should step in to protect her subjects from these vile, corrupt, lying, murderous TORIES ??

  6. The two Labour MPs subject to similar allegations have had the party whip removed, pending investigation.

    As yet, none of the Tories have. I wonder why.

    Could it possibly be that they know so many Tories are likely to be involved, if the whip was routinely removed from them, as Labour does, the government could fall?

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