The Paradise Papers suggest that British taxpayers are still being ripped-off by the rich sheltering their wealth off-shore – but the absolutely priceless sight of Lord Ashcroft legging it to the gents to avoid questions over his affairs has at least offered some compensation.

The former deputy chairman of the Tories, who gave the party £500,000 before this year’s general election, is the most senior British political figure named in the explosive leaked documents.

They reveal that the existence of a Bermuda-based trust, from which Ashcroft received payments of around £150 million between 2000 and 2010.

The panic-stricken millionaire ran around like a headless chicken when he was doorstepped over the issue at Tory conference:

He was asked a dozen times by BBC reporter Richard Bilton to confirm or deny whether he put money in the off-shore trust in order to avoid millions of pounds in tax.

After a comical two-minute pursuit, Ashcroft finally found his own paradise (and paper) in the men’s toilets.

He refused to answer the BBC’s questions but a spokesman for Lord Ashcroft told the Guardian that he strongly denies allegations of tax evasion or avoidance.

Dear, dear, dear…

  1. I think we’re now getting a true picture of what Brexit was really about, Billionaires protecting their tax avoidance schemes by getting Britain out of Europe who are now clamping down on all the loop holes. A shameful example of how far the ultra rich will go to cheat ordinary people.

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