Boris Johnson’s inaccurate comments about the case of a British mum imprisoned by Iran have been broadcast on the country’s state TV channel as “proof” of her supposed crimes.

The Foreign Secretary wrongly claimed last week that Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, who was arrested in Tehran last April and sentenced to 5 years in prison for ‘plotting against Iran’, was in the country “teaching journalists” when she was in fact visiting family.

Three days later she was hauled before a court and charged with “spreading propaganda”, which could see her sentenced doubled.

Johnson has refused to take responsibility for the situation – but his comments were cited as evidence against Zaghari-Ratcliffe on Iran’s state broadcaster yesterday:


The report includes Johnson’s original comments at the Foreign Affairs Select committee and subsequent failure to fully retract and apologise for his mistake in the Commons.

Journalists from the BBC’s Persian service explained more about the contents of the report, which was run under the headline “confess”:

Not only is Johnson a global embarrassment to Britain, he’s a danger to its citizens. He should resign.

Before he does, he urgently needs to make a statement in Parliament clarifying his remarks – as the family of Zaghari-Ratcliffe has requested twice.

This woman and her family shouldn’t have to pay the price of Boris’ bluster…

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  1. Derek Brundish says:

    A government with no direction and no aim other than to stay in power whatever the damage to the country

  2. Can we call a fatwa on this joker.? More trouble than he is worth and NOT prime minister material or even minister it seems

  3. The idea that this man could become PM of the UK is so disturbing. Why hasn’t he been given the sack? Our country has been taken over by liars and cheats and buffoons and the public seem to think that everything is ok. When is May going to have the guts to get rod of this national disgrace?

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