It’s not just the pound that’s taking a tumble these days.

David Davis just provided the perfect metaphor for Brexit by falling a stage after giving a speech on the issue.

The Brexit Secretary fell off the cliff edge, so to speak, after telling a conference of European conservatives that they could still make a success of floundering exit negotiations.

The moment Davis visualised our progress so far was captured by Sky News:

Nevermind the EU, Davis can’t even negotiate his exit from a stage…

  1. patrick newman says:

    The case for a ‘sign – off’ referendum gets stronger the more the Tories try to negotiate our exit. Nobody who voted out were warned there would be a divorce bill from £40bn which may imply cuts to services like education and health. There is the unresolved question of whether there was Russian interference in the election campaign. Mrs May needs to put up or shut up. Nobody gave much thought to whether the Leave campaign overspent its support of Brexit. Although the economy has not tanked it has not exactly prospered and the UK is now the slowest growing economy in the G7 and in the EU. The people need to speak again!

  2. We ” the people” need to know exactly what the impact of Brexit will be if we continue negotiations. I think I’m reasonably intelligent( got an MA to prove it) but feel increasingly worried and confused by the seemingly inept politicians and lack of clear direction.
    Would I vote again for Brexit NO! Would I like another referendum based on fact not lies and fiction YES,

  3. You know that saying ‘when the s**t hits the fan’. Well there’s a big 27-blade fan sitting in Brussels just now with a banner above it saying ‘INSUFFICIENT PROGRESS FOR TRADE TALKS’.

    When Barnier hits the ON button in December Brexiteers to the left, right + centre will find themselves kneck-deep in a mess they cannot shift. And guess who they will blame – One another of course.

    Can’t wait.

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