Boris Johnson proved his priorities are all wrong again today as he dodged scrutiny over the case of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe shortly before lavishing Donald Trump with praise on the US President’s favourite TV station.

The Foreign Secretary was confronted by a Sky News reporter as he arrived at the offices of Fox News in Washington for an interview on the station which acts as Trump’s cheerleader.

Johnson was asked if he was concerned that Iranian state TV have quoted his ill-informed comments about Zaghari-Ratcliffe as an “unintended confession.”

He refused to directly address the case of the British mum, who has been imprisoned since last April and could have her sentence doubled as a result of Johnson’s comments:

Shortly afterwards, the Foreign Secretary was back to his blustering, superfluous self as he praised Trump’s “rambunctious” tweets.

He credited the hugely unpopular Republican with “penetrating corners of the global consciousness that I think few other presidents have ever done.”

Johnson’s enthusiastic endorsement of Trump’s hotheaded approach to politics are incredible given that he’s in the US in order to try and save the nuclear deal with Iran the US President is threatening to terminate.

So that’s 7 seconds spent skirting around the issue of an imprisoned British citizen compared to 38 seconds lavishing praise on Donald Trump.

In better news, we note that Fox referred to Johnson as “Former Mayor of London” rather than the Foreign Secretary.

Hopefully they know something we don’t…

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  1. Why have we got this oaf still in this position? Surely the future of the U.K. Is more important than saving the Tory party?

  2. What do you do with a politician who doesn’t engage brain before opening his mouth. It’s bad enough having one on the other side of the Atlantic. It’s time to go Boris… Your an imbarisment to your country. ..

  3. patrick newman says:

    Congratulations to Boris for keeping his hands in his pockets. He exceeded most peoples’ expectations. Boris is Boris (you know like Brexit is Brexit) but May did not have to make him Foreign Secretary. Then she did take three goes at appointing the Chair of the Child Sexual Exploitation inquiry and still did not get it right. May must take responsibility for this clown’s gaffes for as long as he occupies that grand edifice in King Charles Street.

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