Three days after it was alleged that Roy Moore sexually abused a 14-year-old girl, the controversial Republican Senate candidate has lost the support of voters and senior members of his own party – but not Nigel Farage.

Scrapbook reported in September how Farage flew out to the US to speak at a rally for Moore, who is so racist and homophobic that even Donald Trump didn’t want him to be the Republican candidate for the Senate by-election in Alabama next month.

Farage told the rally: “I have absolutely no hesitation in putting my support and my backing behind a man like Judge Roy Moore.”

Now the Washington Post has published a detailed on-the-record account (below) from a woman who says she was abused as a teenager by Moore in 1979.

The story included testimonies from three more woman who say they were “pursued” by Moore when they were aged between 16 and 18.

Moore denied the allegations as “completely untrue” and says he will sue the Washington Post for publishing them.

Despite his denial, several Republican party politicians have withdrawn their support for Moore in his bid to become Senator for Alabama next month.

Mike Lee, the Republican Senator for Utah, had previously endorsed Moore as a “trusted ally” of the conservative wing of the party but wrote this on Friday:

Steve Daines, Republican Senator for Montana, was forced to do the same just days after giving his endorsement to Moore:

Bill Cassidy, Republican Senator for the nearby state of Louisana, did the same yesterday:

John Kasich, an influential figure in the Republican party, has also called for the party to formally withdraw its support for Moore:

The first poll published since the allegations were made also shows shows that Moore has fallen behind his Democratic rival Doug Jones – a former judge who successfully prosecuted Klu Klux Klan members who firebombed a church – in what is considered a safe Republican seat.

And yet there hasn’t been a peep out of Nigel Farage, who has previously been so outspoken about child grooming in the past.

Farage told the rally in September it took him “10 seconds to decide to drop everything to come here” to campaign for Moore when asked by Steve Bannon.

He needs to give the same urgency to clarifying if he still supporters Moore…

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