The Government appears to have launched a bid for Britain to be declared the European capital of irony in response to the latest Brexit setback.

Ministers were apparently completely blindsided by news that Britain won’t be able to host the European Capital of Culture in 2023 – a full four years after we’re due to leave the EU.

Milton Keynes was one of five UK cities bidding for the honour which comes with £1.5 million in EU funding.

The Tory MP for the city, Iain Stewart, claimed the EU was “turning their backs on us” – despite having himself voted Leave:

The relevant Tory minister, who in fairness voted Remain, then called it a “crazy” decision:

Theresa May also declared herself “disappointed”. The mystery here must be why this has come as a surprise to them.

Glen’s own department told bidding cities last year that the title “may be subject to the outcome to the outcome of exit negotiations”:

And the rules clearly state that only only members or candidate countries of the EU and EEA are allowed to take part in the scheme.

Perhaps the Government could take inspiration from this year’s European Capital Culture, Aarhus.

Their slogan is: ‘Let’s rethink’…

  1. Would these little Ingerlander tories tell the 5 cities to stop wasting rate payers money by prepping for something that cannot happen.

  2. This is embarrassing. You do not leave a club then complain when you can no longer enjoy the benefits of membership. I think The Tories will eventually be begging Jeremy Corbyn to put them out of their misery and bring an end to this global humiliation. As it is The Tories just keep offering Corbyn an endless supply of open goals into which he can tap the ball. Astonishing to witness. This must be the most catastrophic Tory government of all time. I’d like to know when there was a worse one.

  3. I would be “furious” too if I paid council tax to these local authorities who proceeded to spend money on their bids without first checking the impact Brexit would have. Book one page one I would have thought.
    We voted out and failed to recognise we cannot have our cake and we at it and it is arrogant to have assumed we would. To me it seems logical and fair that we are no longer allowed to participate.
    And how fortunate for the government that this has come at this time. Wonderful opportunity to distract from the dire financial forecasts revealed in the budget. Excellent distraction from figures on child poverty, homelessness, the NHS et al and a chance for the Tories to whip up anti European feeling and show their teeth as true British bulldogs!

  4. This country is not so attractive after all the abuse and lies. Don’t think I want to live here any more either. Think maybe Politics 101 needs to be revised for the numbskulls currently playing the fools in charge. Manners and Diplomacy do matter.

  5. This is not only the worst Tory government ever. My memory goes right back to Harold Macmillan. and this is the worst Government of my lifetime, of either party.

  6. Why don’t these stupid Tories realise that the UK is now a shitty little backwater. If they want to be part of Europe they have to accept the rules. We are idiotic wasters who fail to realise the benefits of EU membership.

  7. We’re living on Fantasy island…. Dreaming an inward looking future of Britishness. UK will disappear off the world stage …

  8. Wow, I’ve known since 72′ tories tend to float above the common folk in little bubbles but I didn’t really think their aloof ignorance was real…….

  9. What stupid, ignorant, arrogant little tossers these Tory politicians and Leavers are. I can add little to what’s already been said. If you do not belong to a club you cannot benefit from membership – because you don’t belong. If you used to belong to a club four years ago (in 2019) but cancelled your membership (in 2016) you cannot benefit from membership in 2023 – because you no longer belong. What on earth is so difficult to understand about this? Do the Tory tossers think it’s only the UK involved in the leave process? I’ve got news for them. The UK is just one twenty-eighth of the process. Maybe this is the problem, a total Tory failure to acknowledge anybody’s existence but their own. There lies a catastrophic wilderness.

  10. Customs union wtc. I get. But as UK has been told commitments made must be kept irrelvant of leaving i.e budgetary commitments. Surely this initiative a commitment made outside in the same way as the moneu commitments should also be honoured.

    I dont care, think it was petty for the commision to announce it after bids had been made. Considerong UK position was it was part of the exit negotiations. Especially as some of the bids wwre about getting closer to European cultures….

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